Ways to Make Your Conservatory More Energy Efficient


Energy Efficiency are the big buzz words around the world of conservatories and conservatory roofs in 2020. Keeping energy in, keeping the cold out and creating an all-year-round room option for your home regardless of the weather. The traditional conservatory design meant that in Winter it was too cold to sit in as all the heat escaping through the glass roof and in the height of summer it became too hot to use as the heat generated by the glass roof was enough to melt your ice cream within a few seconds. Here, in this article, we look at how to make your Conservatory more energy efficient with a replacement, modern conservatory roof. You can read this but it’s advisable to also search online for replacement conservatory roofs Telford to give you as much information as possible.

With over half of your heat disappearing through a glass roof the main area you can look to reduce your energy wastage is by replacing the old less efficient roof with a modern, energy-saving conservatory roof. Not only will this keep the warmth in during those long, dark, winter months but also it keeps the room cool from the Sun during our hottest months of the year.

These types of conservatory roof are also very quickly installed, especially if you get the experts from Guardian Conservatory Roofs Telford involved. The project is planned with meticulous details from start to finish and can even be installed within the same day meaning it’s a building project you can decide to start at any time of the year. They come with comprehensive 10-year guarantees and are LABC and LABSS approved so you can buy and have installed with absolute confidence in the product and service you are getting.

To ensure that you keep the temperature regulated as much as possible through the whole year you can also look to install triple glazed windows on the remaining glass frontages. It’s proven to be almost double the energy efficiency of double-glazed units and all for the fractional price increase over the older original products’ cost.

Another great tip to help insulate your conservatory is to make sure you have the best possible insulation within the roof and walls of the structure. This is not just between the cavities but also any joins in the walls or the roof, around roof lanterns etc must be firmly air-tight to prevent the cold getting in and the hot getting out. A local recommended conservatory roof replacement company in Telford would be best placed to give you the right advice about insulation in your conservatory. You can always visit the conservatory roof showroom in Telford to get a better idea by talking to one of their experts in insulation.

Fitted blinds are also a really good idea for your conservatory, they keep some heat in during the winter and also keep the heat out throughout the summer. They also can act as a really good bit of privacy if you have any overlooking properties in your garden. These can also bit fitted to the roof of the conservatory to control the heating element too.

So, in summary, it’s well worth looking at a product such as a replacement conservatory roof if you want to be able to utilise your room throughout the year, reduce your energy costs, get better at energy efficiency and improve the look of your conservatory. Add in triple glazing and a bit of extra insulation and you will transform your room into a much more used part of your house. Thanks very much for reading about replacement conservatory roofs in Telford.

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