Ways To Protect Your Home When You’re Away

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Protecting and safeguarding home is a full-time task for anyone, especially if you are going out for a vacation. You might be confused about what to consider to keep your home safe while you’re away. Don’t worry, we got your back, listed are the simple eight ways to secure your home while you’re away.

1. Inform your neighbors

Informing your neighbors about your travel is one of the important things because they are the first people who can do something in case of an emergency or maybe rescue your house from any dangerous situations like fire accidents. Ask them to check your house periodically for any suspicious entries or pipe leaks in the garden.

2. Inform your friends

Apart from just informing your neighbors about it, inform it to your trusted friend(s) or any friend that stays close by your place. This way even if your neighbors forget to keep an eye on the house, your friends will do the job for you. Ask them to keep checking it whenever they cross your home.

3. Lock your valuables in a safe place

Unlike the usual way of hiding or locking your valuables inside a cupboard or any locker, hide them in a place where the burglar will not even think of. Places like under your bed, in the kitchen, etc., this way there are fewer chances of your valuables to be stolen. If you are still unsure of the safety at your home then you can lock them in the bank, this way you are sure about the safety of your valuables.

4, Keep a low profile on social media

Everyone will love to share about their new travel plans and photos on social media but sometimes this can be a little dangerous as you are indicating people that you will not be available at your home. And you can never trust anyone and it can be easy for anyone to intrude your house especially if you have more followers and a public profile. So it’s always a better idea to talk about your travel only after you return.

5. Install a home security system

Installing a home security system is a must for any home whether you are staying or going out for a vacation. If you are living in a gated community then one of the best options is to go for an app-based apartment security management system which allows you to secure your home using your smartphone. These systems are designed in a way to provide you security in any situation, so even while you’re away, your home is still being protected. They provide real-time notifications on your smartphone to provide you with an insight into what is happening in your flat when you are away. The other options available if you own a independent house are wireless security systems and CCTV cameras that let you monitor.

6. Lock your garage

Not only priced valuables interest the burglars but also the cars and bikes in the garage. They know the tricks to somehow unlock the car doors and this can be dangerous and a huge loss to you. So make sure you lock the garage properly. If you already have an automated garage opener then you are sorted.

7. Do not leave any spare keys

You might be having an extra spare key hidden under the doormat or near the door for your convenience. But now that you are not available at home, it’s better to remove it. Because if the burglar comes to know that you not at home, he/she has a basic sense that every person has a spare key hidden somewhere. So, they might search for the hiding areas and find it.

8. Keep your sensors and detectors on

You might sometimes forget to switch on your detectors or be in a delusion that they are working properly. So before you move out first thing to do is to check if the sensors and detectors are in on mode. So in any case of emergency, the alarm will ring and will alert the respective department about it. So, even in your absence, your home will still be rescued, thanks to the new age technology sensors and detectors.

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