What Does an HVAC Contractor Do?

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No matter what the weather is like outside, a home should always feel pleasant and comfortable. I am sure you agree with that. Do you have any idea who makes this possible and what role does an HVAC Contractor play in making your home the best place in this world? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with understanding HVAC, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for your home. So, what’s the job of a qualified HVAC contractor? He is the technician responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration requirements.

Even though the contractors are actually trained to work flawlessly in all the three sectors – heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration systems, they often stick to work in anyone and gain mastery or specialization in that. They often specialize in some type of equipment such as solar technology systems, water-based heating systems, and commercial refrigeration.

What To Expect From Your HVAC Contractor

When you begin your search for an experienced HVAC contractor, you probably know that they will have the same skillset and maybe even experience. So, when you get a list of companies offering HVAC services online, compare the contractors based on user reviews. If possible, call them and discuss your problem to find out how they handle your query.

In general, most of the HVAC contractors are trained in the three areas of HVAC – heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Some of the technicians may narrow down their categories to specialize in only residential HVAC, while others might choose to work as commercial HVAC contractors.

The different HVAC contractors may often vary their services from the other service providers. For example, if there is a trained, professional, and certified HVAC contractor, he should be able to help in three main areas – repair, maintenance, and installation.

So, if you need to change the furnace in your home, then you will need to hire an HVAC contractor who will help you remove the old furnace and then get a new one installed. The HVAC contractors also perform different types of maintenance on your system or repair any malfunctioning or broken heating/cooling systems.

What’s A Typical Work Day For an HVAC Contractor

A typical workday involves learning about any specific job at hand and then assigning technicians who would travel to the customer site to resolve the problem. Their job may include repairing a leaking pipe, replacing a defective mechanical part, or merely making some settings and adjustments for better performance.

Three Main Services Offered By HVAC Contractors

The job of an HVAC Contractor is fairly complicated, but they typically offer three main services in a residential or commercial setting. The services are as follows: Maintenance/Inspection, Repair, and Installation.

Maintenance/Inspection services typically include things such as checking the tube joints and pipes for testing thermostats, leakage, testing electric circuits, cleaning air ducts, inspecting fans, refilling refrigerant levels, and troubleshooting various components for any faults or changing the air filters.

Repair services are the next most important thing, and they are needed when the main problem is identified. This part of the job needs repairing, installing, replacing specific faulty parts on a cooling or heating system to get any air conditioning or heating system running. This is the most important role of an HVAC contractor, where all the focus lies. Sometimes the repairs are needed on an emergency basis in the heat of summer or freezing cold in winter.

The installation task of an HVAC system includes the surveying/inspecting of the current system and also the set up required. In this role, the HVAC contractor needs to take the exact measurements to ensure that the new system has the right capacity and perfect size for the home. He should be able to carefully de-install the existing system and install the new ones without disturbing the home or office occupants.

The contractor should be able to connect the new units that involve installing the wiring, tubing, pipes, ductwork, or electrical supply lines. The final check after installation is essential to ensure that the job is correctly completed and the system is safe to use.

Where To Look For HVAC Contractors

Just like any other thing, the best place to find experienced and reliable HVAC Contractors in your city or town is looking for them online. If, for example, you live in Edmonton, a reliable choice is Otto Heating & Cooling Ltd, an HVAC service provider that specializes in new home installations, residential services, commercial services, and duct cleaning. Established in 2007 with a humble beginning and just one van, Otto Heating & Cooling slowly made its mark and expanded its network of contractors and clients. Their business grew slowly and steadily, and soon they had new employees on board and more vans to meet the growing demand. Quality service has always been a driving force and also the reason behind the success story of Otto Heating & Cooling.

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