What Is a Shingle-Style House?

Shingle Style House

Shingle-style homes are among America’s most popular residential designs, prized for their traditional look and inviting feel. But what exactly is a Shingle-style house? Here’s a closer look at the history, defining characteristics, and best ways to decorate a Shingle-style home.

History of Shingle-Style Homes

The Shingle-style design originated in New England, with most homes built between 1880 and 1900. Most prevalent in seaside resorts during the time, Shingle style aims to create an informal and relaxed look that blends with its natural surroundings. 

People sought to emulate this cozy, relaxed style and create a comfortable summer home with plenty of room for entertaining. This distinctive look is still popular today, with many homeowners striving to recreate this classic aesthetic.

Some historical Shingle-style buildings include:

  • Mary Fiske Stoughton House in Cambridge, Massachusetts (1882)
  • The Isaac Bell House in Newport, Rhode Island (1883)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio in Oak Park, Illinois (1889)
  • Charles Lang Freer House in Detroit, Michigan (1892)
  • John Hickman Miller House in Dallas, Texas (1904)

What Defines Shingle-Style Architecture?

While the Shingle style resembles the Queen Anne style in shape and form, it doesn’t contain the same ample decorative details. Wood shingles, attention to roofs, porches, and various windows and doors are all integral to the Shingle style. Here are the defining characteristics of a Shingle-style home.

Exterior of a Shingle-Style Home

Shingle-style homes are easily recognizable and can be differentiated from other styles by their shingled roofs and walls. They usually have a very low-pitched roofline, and the exterior walls are constructed of shingles, giving the house a pleasing, soft look. Shingle-style homes often feature gabled porches, balconies, and wide eaves with large overhangs that reduce the sun’s glare during hot temperatures.

The exterior of a shingle-style home typically features overlapping wood siding around the entire house and relies on its natural beauty for aesthetic appeal. Chimneys, doors, and windows are generally large. 

Some Shingle-style houses contain an exterior of stone or brick on the first floor, with different shingle patterns adorning the wooden upper floors.

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Interior of a Shingle-Style Home

The interior of a Shingle-style home has an elegant yet relaxed feel. Like the ranch-style home, it typically features open floor plans with exposed beams and rafters, adding a natural element to the room. Fireplaces are often made of stone, and large windows help bring in natural light. 

How to Decorate a Shingle-Style Home

When decorating a Shingle-style home, the goal is to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Homeowners should reflect the house’s style in the furniture and décor. Ornamentation should be kept to a minimum, with muted colors and simple but classic furnishings to add an inviting and cozy feel while maintaining clean lines.

Textures are also essential in Shingle-style homes. Soft fabrics, such as cotton and linen, can create a welcoming atmosphere. Natural elements like wood, stone, and brick can also bring the outside into the home.

When it comes to colors, neutrals are best for a Shingle-style home. Shades such as white, beige, and grey create a relaxed atmosphere while still allowing the room’s other elements to shine.

Porch furniture should remain simple and uncluttered to maintain the home’s original aesthetic. Wicker or rattan items can help bring a modern touch to a classic look. Flowering plants are also essential for creating that cozy seaside atmosphere. Add plenty of outdoor lighting – not only to light up the night but also to add charm.

Interested in Shingle-Style Homes?

The Shingle-style home offers an iconic and timeless look, one that continues to be beloved by many homeowners today. It remains popular because of its mix of formality and relaxed comfort. With their traditional look and inviting feel, they can easily become warm, cozy spaces with just the right touch of decorating.

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