What Is The Best Locksmith Supply Company In The US? A Comparison

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For online locksmith supply companies, a quick Google search would yield a lot of results. It would be very difficult to pinpoint the best among them. However, a good indicator for a great locksmith supply company would be to look at reviews. You can also look at the number of customers they have. If they have lots of new and returning customers, then that means they are running a big business. Lots of good reviews would also mean that they offer reliable services.

Since they are online, these companies are also not constrained by physical boundaries. With today’s shipping options, all supply companies can now ship nationwide. A lot of them can even ship overseas to Canada or even to any part of the world. 

One locksmith supply company is CLK Supplies. You can visit them at It is an online business originally from Idaho and it was established last 1999. It ships to all the US states and Canada. The company sells lock and key supplies. Some of the products they have are many types of pins, a lot of kinds of blank keys, keying machines, and pinning kits. It also has a promo that gives you free shipping if you order more than $99. The company has more promos, discounts, and special offers you can check out on its website. It also has its own rewards program.

Another locksmith supply company is the American Key Supply. You can find them at This company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, they ship to all states in the US. When you visit their website, you will see that they offer a wide range of car or automotive keys and locksmithing tools. You can even use their search bar to search for your car’s brand, make, or model. The website will then flash the specific locksmithing tool designed for your car’s brand, make, and model. Aside from locksmithing tools for automotives, the company also offers other locksmithing tools, such as IC cores, door hardware, key machines, and transponder chips. You can also opt for fast shipping, wherein the company ships your order the next day.

Third on our locksmith supply company list is Lock Pick World. Lock Pick World is a company based in Florida, USA, but you can have your items shipped to any state in the US and even worldwide. You can also visit them at They sell a lot of locksmithing tools made by big locksmith brands. Examples of what they sell are lock picks, plug spinners, lock jigglers, and tension tools. 

The next locksmith supply company on our list is Pro- Lok. This company is originally based in Orange, California. Their motto is that they believe in making solutions that are made to save time and money as well as provide security. They carry major locksmithing supply brands as well as their own brand. They mostly specialize in car opening tools, but they also carry other items. They have security door hardware, key accessories, key making machines, lock installation tools, inspection lights, and full color auto entry manuals. All their items to be shipped are processed within 48 hours. You can visit their site at 

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