What Types Of Lifts Are Used In The Hotel Industry?

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In today’s modern times, lifts have now become an important part of our lives every single day. This is especially true for those who live or work in condominiums or buildings that have lifts. A lift is a type of cable transportation system. It moves in a vertical shaft that can carry goods, items, or people from one floor to another. 

There are different kinds of lifts that are being used. The first type of lift on our list is the platform list. A platform lift is also called a vertical lifting platform. These are mostly used in buildings that only have a low number of floors and thus, the lift would only need to travel between a few floors. If the hotel wants to accommodate people in wheelchairs, this lift can be used to comply with that. This is so people with mobility issues can still move from floor to floor without much difficulty. However, this type of lift moves slowly, and is certainly slower than passenger lifts.

If the building can accommodate a bigger lift and has a bigger number of floors, a passenger lift is recommended. Passenger lifts are what we usually see in hotel lobbies and other high rise buildings. They are made specifically to carry people. Because of this, there are specific standards they have to adhere to in order to make the lifts safe enough for humans to ride them. Since passenger lifts are common, they come in a lot of sizes, which are designed to carry a range of passengers. They also come in many designs of the cabin and the outside parts. This is so they can match the design and feel of the lobby or building they belong to. A passenger lift is also comparably faster than the other types of lifts.

One type of a passenger lift would be the glass lift. A glass lift is a type of lift that has all glass walls and glass doors. Some hotels prefer this because of its modern feel and elegant aesthetics. It hits two birds with one stone: it would add to the design of the hotel while being useful by transporting people to and from different floors.

The next type of lift is the service lift. In contrast to a passenger lift, a service lift is not made to carry people or passengers. It is mainly used to transport goods or products to and from different floors. Thus, the standards they have to follow would not be the same with the standards of the passenger lift.

One kind of service lift is the dumbwaiter lift. A dumbwaiter is a lift mainly used in kitchens or in any similar setting. Thus, this type of lift is used in hotels, restaurants, bars, and other establishments that have to transport food from the kitchen to another area. 

Another type of lift is the trolley lift. This is a kind of service lift that is used to transport bigger types of goods or items that are usually on trolleys or roll cages. These are situated in places where the hotel gets deliveries. These deliveries are then transported to different designated floors. For hotels, these are usually located at the back or are partially hidden from the view of customers.

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