What You Need To Know About Housing Prices In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

As regards property prices for sale Abu Dhabi is one of the best places to look in the UAE. But when a place sparkles so much in sunlight, be rest assured it is likely to cost so much to own too. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and one of the thriving real estate hubs in the country. 

What is life like in Abu Dhabi?

The UAE is an Islamic country and that invariably permeates the moral terrain, and even the governmental rules, taxes, and cultural way of life. Coming from the west, one may marvel at some of the overt rules and even the silent ones that nobody talks about but which are expected to be observed. Life in Dubai is interesting and has its own pros and cons. Read more on the official website Emirates.Estate.

Pros of Living in Abu DhabiCons of living in Abu Dhabi
There is a large combination of people from different parts of the world. There are at least 3.23 million people living in Abu Dhabi today, and data reveals a minimum of 80% of those are foreigners from various parts of the world. For example, Indians make up 34% of the population in the UAE, Pakistanis make up about 16%, Bangladeshis are about 9%, the Philippines about 7%, Iranians are 6% and Egyptians make up 5% of the total population. There are also a large number of Africans and Sri Lankans in the country.Due to the high levels of diversity, you will have opportunities to meet, mingle and create relationships with people from all across the world. Additionally, you can find a pub, restaurants, or places to hang out for various cultures of the world, and there is diversity in meals, culturally inclusive locations, etc.As exciting and interesting diversity is, it could pose the problem of cultural shocks in the way and manner people live their lives. In many western countries, people live to work; you will see everyone always in a hurry to juggle multiple jobs. But in the UAE, people work to live, and the culture is, therefore, much slower, and more relaxed. Additionally, everyone is bringing fragments of expectations from their various cultures. Such that the subtle courtesy greetings or otherwise that are expected from you may differ based on who your employer is, their personal preferences and beliefs, etc. These factors call for more attentiveness among residents and can be burdensome.
Quality and Luxury Living are available at their best. There is no manner or kind of luxurious life that you want to imagine which cannot be found in Abu Dhabi with options from simple bedrooms, to classy apartments having pools and lounges. Over the years, the rental market has become more friendly for renters as the terms for renting properties are daily being adjusted for small-scale renters.Real estate is expensive in Abu Dhabi and so also are rentals. Don’t be too surprised if a huge portion of your salary goes into renting a small condo apartment. For example, a small flat starts from 15 000 AED and above, and properties may go as high as 50 000 AED to rent. For a starter or young person earning barely 4 000 AED monthly you would have to save up for 4 to 5 months to be able to afford a mini-apartment in Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi is central to many amazing parts of the world which makes it travel-friendly for lovers of adventures. You can reach many different countries within a 3 – 4 hour of flight. For example, you can access all of the middle east, and some parts of Asia with ease, and should you choose to explore the African continent, you can do so easily.There is a con of difficulty in describing homes in Abu Dhabi as most residential units are mumbled up together in descriptions and also have similar names. It takes many residents time to be able to describe their homes correctly and adequately.
There are ample relaxation and luxury opportunities in Abu Dhabi. The capital city has amazing eateries in the downtown area, places around Shangri La Hotel, and Yas Island. The nightlife is amazing and the spots are breathtaking and you can get great foreign cuisines at affordable rates. Traffic may be insufferable during the rush hours in Abu Dhabi as people hustle to make their way from the residential areas into the commercialized centers for their jobs, or education.
With concerts, tourism, and art exhibitions, Abu Dhabi is a nice place to experience the world.There is, however, a high level of bureaucracy in the system. You cannot just wake up and change your WiFi services. It may even be a hassle to report an accident. Documents and requests must pass from table to table and sometimes, it gets tiring for foreigners.
Live a Tax-free life, where all that you earn belongs to you, and you need not be weighed by high or any taxes.Although there are no income taxes in Abu Dhabi, salaries have continued to shrink; while the cost of housing has multiplied over the years. 

A clear comparison of the above reveals that the pros far outweigh the cons and the largest con, being cost of living and price of rentals/properties. If you can afford to have a condo in the city, half of your problems are solved and you would be launched into premium enjoyment.

Abu Dhabi Skyscrapers

Few last words to sum up

Just like every other foreign country in the world, Abu Dhabi has its unique traits and features, which migrants need to understand and embrace as they plan their move into the country. You should try and look beyond the pros and cons as factors encouraging or dissuading your migration to Abu Dhabi. Rather, consider it as a fact check of the necessary things to know as you migrate. Doing so will help you embrace the uniqueness of the city and improve your ability to settle down faster and enjoy the city. It is the embracing of all of these factors above that differentiate those that endure life in the city, from those who enjoy every bit of it. Realize that this is a different terrain, and the culture, expectations, and lifestyles are different, and adjust so that you can quickly blend in. All the best on your sojourn. 

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