When Should You Move? Where Should You Live?

Aerial View Of A Neighborhood

People just starting their careers and perhaps living on their own for the first time generally move into apartments or rental homes with roommates. After a while, they may move to a larger apartment or a condo that has more square footage than their first home.

Then life changes. They may meet someone and get married. The couple has a baby or plans to have children — they need more room to grow. An apartment dweller wants to own a dog, which requires a yard and sidewalks. Young people who are well on their way to successful careers may be ready to invest in a property of their own. These are a few of the reasons that may cause people to transition from renting a multifamily dwelling to buying a single-family home.

Once someone makes the decision to move from an apartment or condo to a house, how do they decide the location of this home? Buying a house is the largest investment most people will ever make, so careful consideration of the location is of the extreme importance. What should you look for when deciding where to purchase a home? It starts with finding something that looks good and is aesthetically pleasing for your needs. You should also find something that has the proper amount of room. Maybe look for something that’s energy efficient. When seeking out a new home, you can use and leverage powerful data backed insights from companies like the Wan Bridge Group, who can help you use data, analytics, and insights to help you find the rental home of your dreams.

The below infographic, Go Big AND Go Home … Deciding When to Move and Where to Live, presents a list of the top five reasons people move from apartments and condominiums into single-family homes. It also offers tips for what to look for in a new neighborhood based on your unique situation. Review this infographic when you’re ready to make your move.

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