Why Are Guttering Repairs Important To Protecting Buildings

Rain On Roof

For most buildings, there are a set of building regulations that they have to meet. These are set to ensure that the buildings are both safe and environmentally friendly. Fortunately, included in the building regulations is the importance of the quality and standard of guttering. They must meet the set standard to ensure that it has been properly installed and designed to ensure it fulfill the drainage needs of the building.

Guttering is an important part of any building, from homes to schools, office blocks to shopping centers. It is designed to protect the building from water flowing off the roof, causing damp or structural damage to the building. Ensuring that repairs to the guttering are completed if and when needed are essential to protecting the property, here’s why.

Reduces The Risk Of Blockages

Gutters and downpipes can easily be blocked from moss, leaves and other elements from trees that are nearby, as well as from moss forming on roofs. When any of these elements are wet, they will stick to the inner surfaces of gutters and downpipes, essentially blocking water flowing down from them. If not resolved, this build-up can create additional weight to rainwater goods that cause brackets to break, guttering to twist and joints to fail.

Regular maintenance of the guttering to remove any factors, such as leaves or moss, can help with maintaining the longevity of the drainpipes. How frequent should the cleaning of guttering depends on the location of the building, such as its proximity to trees and other organic sources of debris that can cause

However, installing a roof water outlet to help minimize the number of leaves, moss and other elements blocking the pipes will also be beneficial. There are various options available if you wanted to try a roof water outlet, like these from Alumasc.

Cause Internal Damages To A Property

When not properly cleared or repaired, accumulated water from rainfall will cause both the guttering and downpipes to overflow. This then causes dampness on the exterior walls and leads to water ingress and potential structural problems.

If guttering and downpipes fail to drain water quickly and effectively, especially during heavy rainfall, it can lead to an accumulation of excess groundwater. 

Through the freezing and thawing process during colder weather, the excess groundwater can lead to cracking and structural issues.

Create Costly Future Repairs

Any issues that arise, whether it is a crack in the drainpipe or blocked guttering should be handled sooner rather than later. As noted, if any issues are left and allowed to build up, they can cause significant damage to both the internal and external structure. To fix some of these issues caused by inadequate care of the guttering, can be costly. Although resolving an issue once it has been noticed or conducting regular maintenance might seem like time-consuming tasks, they are jobs that could save you money in the future.

To maintain the longevity of the guttering, ongoing maintenance needs to occur, ensuring that the gutters and drainpipes are cleared of any issues. As a result, it will help them to last longer and, more importantly, avoids any costly repairs in the future – especially repairs that could have easily been avoided with regular maintenance.

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