A Brief Guide to Choosing Carpets for Your Home

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The choice of floor covering is a crucial decision for interior designers and homeowners because of its significant impact on the feel and aesthetic of a place. Wooden, marble, and tile floors are excellent options but expensive, whereas carpets are a more stylish and affordable choice, excellent for homes with modern or classic designs. The texture, color, and warmth of modern carpets are incomparable, especially the soft feeling that these produce when you walk upon them, especially barefoot. Class Carpet Floor & Home is a one-stop shop for all types of flooring of renowned brands, and their collection of carpets is truly remarkable. Once you decide to go with carpets for covering the floors of your home, you should know which type of carpet can meet your expectations of design, comfort, and luxury. 

Whether you need carpets for minimalist-designed homes or prefer bold ones for your living room, you can get what you want by using this brief guide on carpet selection.


Often, hard floor rugs seem a better choice than carpets because of their higher durability and the high maintenance cost of carpets. However, modern carpets and rugs made from robust materials require very little maintenance but last for years. The durability of carpets depends on three parameters – density rating, face weight, and tuft twist. The density rating should be at least 2000, the face weight should not be less than a kilogram, and the tuft twist should be more than 5.  

Woolen carpets are the best for carpets and rugs as they are luxurious, durable, and highly comfortable to walk upon. Wool’s stain-resistant and anti-bacterial properties and slow water absorption rate make it ideal for long-lasting and low-maintenance carpets. 

Modern spaces look elegant in nylon and polyester blended carpets that have contemporary looks. Nylon is water-resistant, does not stain permanently, and is almost maintenance-free, which makes it best for living rooms and bedrooms. Although polyester is good for modern designs, it is less durable than nylon.

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Woven or tufted pile

The method of making carpets impacts the durability, and you have to choose between woven and tufted carpets. Wool or wool-blended materials are ideal for producing woven carpets in a loom using the traditional methods of carpet making. Hand-knotted woolen rugs create a tight weave by having 200 knots per square inch and can produce unique patterns not possible to achieve with tufted piles. 

Yarn punched into some base material that looks like fish nets go into the making of tufted carpets, with each piece of yarn popping its head through the backing. Usually, some cotton-based material serves as a second lining to cover the visible yarns and produce a smooth surface. The composite material held together by adhesives produces a sandwich-like finished product. These carpets have a shorter life and are prone to accumulating dust.

Finally, when you are sure about the carpet material and construction, you should decide whether you prefer plain carpets or would love to have some patterns. It depends on the kind of aesthetics of the space, whether you want bold designs or something subdued.

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