Exploring Brett Favre’s House in Mississippi: A Football Legend’s Retreat

Brett Favre Home Featured Image

Best-known for his tenure as Green Bay Packers quarterback, American professional football player Brett Favre now lives and spends quality time with his family at his house in Sumrall, Mississippi. He joined the NFL in 1991 and retired in 2011. And in between, he’s had a lucrative career, started charitable organizations, and grew his wealth. His net worth is $100 million. In this Brett Favre’s house tour, we’ll discover the remarkable features of his abode.

Brett Favre's house panoramic view
A panoramic view of Brett Favre’s house

Favre opted for a property in Mississippi because of his deep love for the state. He said that he liked to stay connected to his roots without letting go of the comforts of modern living.

Where Does Brett Favre Live Now

Brett Favre now lives in Sumrall, MS after 20 seasons of playing professional football. The 19,642-sq. ft. property is high-fenced and surrounded by different varieties of trees. He bought the area for over $3 Million. The construction of the 5-bed and 3.5-bath property started in 2004 and was completed in 2008. The residence was built with top-quality materials, such as cedar shake roofs, hand-quarried stone, and pristine white oak flooring. In 2009, the Southern Living magazine featured it as the “Idea House of the Year.”

Brett Favre home patio beside the lake
Patio beside the lake at Brett Favre home

Remarkable Features of Brett Favre’s House Interior

Favre followed an open floor plan concept, allowing him to connect the kitchen, living room, and dining areas seamlessly. For the color palette, he combines warm wood tones with sleek stainless steel accents. The following are the notable elements of the interior:

  • Automation systems and smart technology – Favre integrates energy-efficient measures (e.g., state-of-the-art insulation and solar panels) with classic elegance (e.g., traditional furniture pieces, exquisite marble flooring).
  • Ventilation and illumination – The large windows and soaring ceilings made the area look more airy and spacious.
  • Daily comforts – Favre has a gourmet kitchen fitted with top-of-the-line appliances. There’s ample counter space for meal preparation. The breakfast nook is the perfect place to start a day as it overlooks the scenic beauty outside. There’s also an indoor gym that comes with high-tech exercise equipment. And he’ll never run out of fine wine with his custom-built wine cellar.
Brett Favre Home outdoor pool area
Outdoor pool area at Brett Favre home
  • Decor – Brett dedicates one corner of his house to display a case filled with awards and trophies he had won during his time with the NFL. He still even has his old, tattered playbook from high school. In different areas of the house, he also displays different sports and football memorabilia such as framed jerseys, game-worn helmets, team photos, and newspaper clippings of his most memorable plays.
  • Entertainment amenities – Favre’s family will never run short of fun time as they have a state-of-the-art game room that comes with an area for air hockey, a pool table, and a wide selection of classic arcade games. There’s also a media room fitted with a large projection screen, plush seating, and surround sound system. Favre also has a collection of antique globes and rare books. 
  • Health and wellness amenities – Aside from the gym, Brett also has a steam room, steam room, and massage therapy facility, which offer a perfect place for the family to unwind and relax. There’s also a full-size basketball court.
Brett Favre Garden
Brett Favre’s home garden

Outdoor Area of Brett Favre’s House

Brett Favre’s outdoor area also shows his deep love for nature and outdoor activities. This perfectly shows in the way he conceals his property with rows of high trees from all sides except the back area that faces the lake.

Brett Favre's House Front Gate
Brett Favre’s house front gate

Just beyond the layer of trees, Favre has an immaculately manicured garden planted with carefully curated greenery, such as vibrant flowers, towering oak trees, and shrubs. The outdoor area also features water features, such as a waterfall and a pool area with a hot tub. Terraces, decks, and multiple patios are strategically built amidst this beautiful landscaping to offer breathtaking views of the forested areas, the garden, and the nearby lake.

From the outside, one can see the property’s glass doors and large, floor-to-ceiling windows. The warm neutrals paired with the earthy tone outdoor color scheme also look refreshing, making it blend perfectly with the surroundings.

Brett Favre home aerial view
Aerial view of Brett Favre’s home

A Little About Sumrall, MI: The Neighborhood Near Brett Favre’s House

One of the best things to like about Sumrall is its perfect balance between small-town tranquility and modern living. Plus, there are also several travel destinations to visit to keep the family entertained, such as the following:

  • Lewis Lights and Crafts – Open since 1989, it is a family-owned and operated walk-through light display featuring 300 pieces of handmade holiday woodwork and 200,000 lights.
  • Longleaf Trace Jackson Road Station – The premier equestrian trail, running, hiking, and biking trail in South Mississippi.
  • Hattiesburg Zoo – A 12-acre zoo that features over 100 species of animals. Attractions include a high ropes adventure course, a train, a splash pad, a carousel, and a wallaby walkabout.
  • De Soto National Forest – This over 300-acre area is characterized by gently rolling terrain covered by hardwood bottoms, southern pine ridges, and clear streams.
Sumrall Mississippi
Sumrall, Mississippi Town Hall

Brett Favre’s home is certainly a luxurious and relaxing haven for him and his family, which he needs after a long and lucrative football career. From the little details of the decor to the breathtaking outdoor landscaping and architectural features, the home serves as his legacy.

What do you like most about Brett’s home? If you’re looking for more home design inspiration, read our blog for more blogs about celebrity homes.

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