Modern Luxury Home

Four Luxury Home Buying Tips You Need to Know

Buying a property is a thrilling experience for any budding homeowner. Viewing prospective properties all while imagining yourself in the home. It can certainly be time-consuming and emotionally fueled.   Add into the equation the prospect of buying a luxury home, and things become more of a minefield. Suppose you are in the position of purchasing a luxury home.  

Roger Federers House

Roger Federer’s House – Cost And Location

The recent pandemic might have brought the tennis season to a halt. But the 20-time Grand Slam champ seems to have no plans on standing still! He and his entire family (wife, kids, and parents) are quarantined at their mansion in Zurich, Switzerland where he can continue his practices and more. The Federer Home: Location

Tall Skyscrapers

7 Tallest Structures In South America

Tallest Buildings The tallest structures in South America are created by a number of people all working together to achieve these grand project. Project manager, architect and engineer are the key players who play a vital role to make the tallest building in South America. Architectural design, building materials used and methods of construction are

Castle House

20 Grand Castle Houses – Medieval Castles

Medieval castles were originally built as a defensive structure to give protection to noblemen from marauding invaders during the Middle Ages. However, castles started to become less useful as they no longer served as residences for wealthy individuals. Still, despite their original purpose, many castles around the globe are still in use today as a

Underwater House

Underwater Houses

If you are thinking about building one of the few luxury homes that are still available, why not consider building an underwater house? These houses are generally used for vacation homes or for those who are in need of a place to rent out during the off season. There are many different types of underwater