Mid Century Modern Home Interior

Mid Century Modern Homes & Architecture

Mid-century modern homes are a reflection of the times they lived in. They are bold and unique, and as such, stand out in today’s bustling city. Their lines are inspired by the times they lived in, with everything from geometric shapes to flat-fronted cabinetry. With a style that’s influenced by the art, architecture, and the

Flat Roofing

What Type of Building Requires Flat Roofing?

Every building has a roof on it these days. From the largest in commercial properties to the smallest residential home, the roof is an important feature of our shelters today. Though while all of these shelters have roofs, there are still different roof types and different ways they slope. From the sorts of materials used

Abstract Architecture Building

8 Popular Styles of Residential Architecture

While architecture often serves a very practical purpose, it can be very expressive and artistic as well. With an effective architecture scheme, people viewing your home can have an aesthetic experience and also learn a little bit more about your tastes. In the modern era, you are likely to find many different styles of architecture.