8 Tips to Enhance Your Commercial Property With Biophilic Design

Building With Biophilic Design

Many commercial building designs seek to increase human spaces’ connectivity with nature. These biophilic concepts allow a perfect affinity for natural settings, boosting workers’ well-being and overall productivity. They also foster sustainable practices through the use of natural elements, leading to a reduction in your business’s carbon footprint. When planning to elevate your commercial establishment by going biophilic, here are the top eight tips to consider:

Integrate Water Features

Water is a major component of a biophilic setup because of its serenity and more profound connection with nature. It brings a sense of balance and calm, whether in the form of outdoor waterfalls, streams, rills, or water blades. The auditory stimulation and injection of more visual interest make the outdoors more relaxing.

As you introduce a water feature like a fountain, strategize well based on the location. You want a focal point that will be the most natural. Most importantly, invest in quality structures to ensure longevity. A company like Tournesol is known for its pre-engineered or pre-designed fountains, which are easy to install. This makes assembly and fitting take a short time, ensuring minimal disruptions at your commercial premises. Confirm whether the team is good at customizing the designs to suit your aesthetic preferences and site requirements.

Create Green Spaces

Whether you go for potted plants, a verdant courtyard, or a lush indoor garden, having some greenery will go a long way in enhancing the ambiance of your setting. Look for professional landscapers who will assess your needs and use their expertise to curate amazing lawns or gardens, depending on your preferences.

With so many plant options, it’s essential to thoroughly research the species to determine which ones suit your place better. Learn the conditions for optimal growth in each to focus more on maintenance needs. After having amazing green spaces, remember to remain active and maintain them to continue enjoying healthy greenery.

Integrate Natural Light

Look for every way to bring the outdoors inside, such as introducing sunlight to your spaces. This will make your interiors elegant and uplifting while reducing your reliance on artificial lighting. Less energy consumption through lighting will then lower total power expenses. Consider having skylights and large windows, and for the workspace, separate the different sections using glass partitions.

You may also amplify natural lighting by having mirrors at strategic points, making the spaces more roomy and brighter. Natural lighting has aesthetic benefits as well as many health benefits, like reducing eye strain and better regulating the body’s circadian rhythms. As you try to modify the building to allow light, you must also ensure no barriers are around. If there are tall nearby trees, consider pruning them to reduce the shade.

Biophilic Design

Prioritize Air Quality and Ventilation

The comfort and health of everyone in your establishment highly depend on the quality of the air. Sound measures should be taken to ensure the air flows are great year-round through quality ventilation systems and investing in cleaning to get rid of dust and debris that might end up in the air. Keep inspecting your HVAC system’s functionality and be active in replacing the air filters with time.

You can also introduce indoor plants for better air purification. For better visual appeal, choose snake plants, lilies, and spider plants. Depending on the nature of your indoor plants, decide on the strategic points to place them.

Incorporate Biophilic Materials

In your biophilic move, find a way to make the settings display many natural elements. Introduce lots of natural materials like plants, stone, and wood, which will help evoke the outdoor vibe. Look for beautifully crafted stone structures, wooden accents, and living plant walls. Explore different designs depending on the aesthetic appeal you wish to create.

Think also about sustainability. Look for recycled materials and certified sustainable wood products. For finishes and paint, buy low-VOC brands to reduce environmental impact. This ensures that your business looks good and contributes to the global effort towards responsible design and sustainable practices.

Embrace Biophilic Patterns and Textures

Perfect commercial settings will exhibit a perfect balance and harmony of elements. Consider how well you’ll incorporate different patterns and textures by choosing your décor. Look for motifs and organic shapes for your different sections. Consult with an interior designer specializing in commercial spaces. They’ll assist you in arriving at options that will create dimension and character in your spaces without losing the professional look.

Ensure consistency in incorporating biophilic textures and patterns on floors, wall coverings, and furniture. The trick is finding materials that mirror natural elements, such as leaf-inspired murals and wallpapers, slate tile, and bamboo flooring.

Prioritize Views of Nature

It’s such a relaxing experience to have panoramic views of the outdoors. Think of strategically placed windows that allow natural vistas but still ensure privacy. This has a significant impact on worker productivity by reducing stress levels. When designing the spaces, concentrate on the vantage sections to maximize the views of nature.

Alternatively, have a dedicated outdoor gathering spot where staff can relax during work breaks and connect with nature. Plan the space well to ensure enough comfortable seats for everyone. Use eco-friendly furnishings that are resistant to the elements.

Design for Flexibility and Adaptability

As your business needs evolve, your space also needs to remain adaptable. This will allow seamless modifications to suit the new requirements while accommodating different functions. As you implement your biophilic design, consider how the property will be versatile without compromising functionality or comfort.

A perfect way to go about it is to focus on scalability. For instance, adopt modular layouts in the offices and invest in multifunctional furnishings to allow easy reconfiguration with time. This future-proofs your property, ensuring it will remain welcoming without needing constant replacement as needs evolve.


Applying biophilic principles in commercial setups will have a huge impact on their aesthetics and functionality. Workers will also enjoy fresher and more relaxing environments, which will boost their productivity. To succeed in this concept, ensure every aspect of the business becomes more nature-oriented.

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