Willie Robertson’s Stunning Home in Louisiana

Willie Robertson’s Stunning Home in Louisiana

Willie Robertson, the American entrepreneur, and TV personality has created an awe-inspiring abode in the Claiborne neighborhood of West Monroe, Louisiana. The CEO of Duck Commander, Willie is widely recognized for his role in the smash-hit reality show, Duck Dynasty.

Willie Robertson’s Stunning Home (Source: YouTube)

Apart from his flourishing career, Willie also boasts of his impressive real estate empire, including his stunning single-family home with five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.

Willie Robertson’s House (Source: YouTube)

Where Does Willie Robertson Live Now?

Willie Robertson lives at 3310 Arkansas Rd, West Monroe, Louisiana. This gated property, which was built in 2015, features over 7,800 square feet of living space, making it an ideal place for raising a family. The residence includes an attached garage, providing ample parking space for residents and guests.

Willie Robertson House (Source: Google Maps)

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Willie Robertson’s House (Source: YouTube)

Additionally, the home sits on a sprawling 11.42-acre lot, offering plenty of space for outdoor activities and relaxation. The address of Willie Robertson’s house is not available to the public, but it is known that his house is located in West Monroe, Louisiana, USA. The neighborhood where Willie Robertson’s house is situated is peaceful and serene.

How Does Willie Robertson’s House Look Like?

Upon entering Willie Robertson’s home, visitors are greeted with a stunning display of art and decor adorning the entrance walls. The grand piano and colorful rug add a touch of elegance and warmth to the space.

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Inside Willie Robertson’s House (Source: YouTube)

Moving further into the house, the living room is characterized by a cozy atmosphere, thanks to the dark hardwood floors and large stone fireplace. The room features a round wooden table in front of the couch, several one-seat couches, and wood cabinetry.

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Willie Robertson’s living room (Source: YouTube)

The dining room and kitchen are open, separated only by a few columns, creating a spacious and inviting atmosphere. Willie’s daughter, Sadie’s room, is adorned with art and photos of her family and husband, with white cabinetry for her desk and storage.

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Willie Robertson’s kitchen (Source: YouTube)

The room features mismatched black and white geometric night tables that add a touch of modernity to the decor. The bathroom boasts black and white painted walls, a bathtub, two sinks, a chalkboard, and a quote artwork.

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Willie Robertson’s bedroom (Source: YouTube)

Willie Robertson’s Daughter bedroom (Source: YouTube)

Willie Robertson’s House Bathroom (Source: YouTube)

The office space is situated away from the rest of the house and features a large table at the center, with scriptures on the floor, as a thoughtful touch from Willie’s mother.

Awe-Inspiring Tennis Court at Willie Robertson’s Home

One of the standout features of the property is the large tennis court located on the grounds, which was the site of Willie’s daughter Sadie’s wedding in 2019. The tennis court not only provides a space for recreational activities, but it also adds to the home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

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Willie Robertson’s tennis court (Source: YouTube)

BBQ Area

Willie Robertson likes his BBQ, his daughter Sandie said on Today’s show that her father likes to go hunting for Deer and loves to grill Deer stakes and Briskets, a classic southern Louisiana meal. The BBQ area looks fantastic, equipped with several gas BBQ’s and wood smokers. There’s also a large wood fireplace with a two storey chimney which keeps the guests warm during the winter months.

Willie Robertson’s House inside – outside BBQ/entertaining area (Source: YouTube)

Willie Robertson’s Neighborhood

The Claiborne neighborhood is known for its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery, making it an ideal location for Willie’s stunning residence. The neighboring homes belong to many of Willie’s family members, creating a tight-knit community that has earned the nickname “Robertson Row.”

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Willie Robertson’s house (Source: YouTube)

How Many Houses Does Willie Have?

There is currently no available information regarding Willie Robertson owning any other properties besides his stunning residence in the Claiborne neighborhood of West Monroe, Louisiana.

Despite his success as an entrepreneur and television personality, it appears that Willie has chosen to invest primarily in his family home, which boasts impressive features such as a large tennis court and 11.42-acre lot.

While it is possible that Willie may have other real estate holdings that are not publicly available, the information currently accessible suggests that this is his primary and perhaps only property.

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