Discovering Phil Robertson’s House: The $130,000 Retreat in Louisiana

phil robertson house

In the heart of Louisiana, nestled within the lush landscapes and vibrant communities, is a home that has become synonymous with a bearded face and the charm of the South – Phil Robertson’s house. This article dives deep into the captivating story behind the purchase of the house, its unique features, and the captivating life of the Duck Dynasty star.

Phil Robertson’s house

Phil Robertson’s house

Where Does Phil Robertson Live Now?

Phil Robertson lives at 538 Mouth of Cypress Rd, West Monroe, Louisiana. Phil Robertson’s house, a captivating dwelling, is a single-family home with a rich history. Built in 1960, this quaint residence boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms within its 2,468 square feet of space.

The property, sitting on 7.1 acres of land, is a picturesque blend of rustic allure and modern comforts. A separate garage graces the side of the home, offering both functionality and a touch of Southern charm.

In June 2006, the Robertson family made a pivotal move by acquiring a one-acre parcel of land for $130,000. This marked the inception of their connection with the sprawling property that now holds a home with a value of $109,200. The 2,468 square-foot residence, featured prominently on Duck Dynasty, stands proudly on another parcel of land, encompassing .196 acres.

The Interior of Phil Robertson’s Louisiana Home

Entering Phil Robertson’s house is like stepping into a time capsule where the charm of the 1960s meets modern elegance. The living room, a focal point of comfort and style, boasts a tiled floor adorned with a large area rug at its center, adding a touch of warmth to the space.

The walls are tastefully adorned with various framed artworks and decorative items, enhancing the homely atmosphere. Two large windows, covered with horizontal blinds and valances, are prominent architectural features. The furniture arrangement includes two oversized upholstered chairs and a wooden table between them, offering ample seating space.

Phil Robertson’s living room

Phil Robertson’s living room

This design aesthetic seamlessly extends into the kitchen and dining room, where tile floors and subtle duck decor echo the personality of the former reality stars. The wooden cabinets in the kitchen, paired with tile flooring, create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Phil Robertson’s kitchen

Phil Robertson’s kitchen

Phil Robertson’s House Exterior

The main structure of Phil Robertson’s house is a single-story haven with a gabled roof, exuding a simple and functional architectural design. An extended porch, supported by wooden pillars, adds a welcoming touch to the house.

Adjacent to the house, there’s a separate garage, blending seamlessly with the architectural style and providing practicality to the residence. A gravel driveway leads up to both structures, providing easy access. Beyond the confines of the house, the 7.1-acre property unfolds into a haven of tranquility.

Phil Robertson’s house

Phil Robertson’s house

Phil and Kay Robertson strategically purchased additional parcels of vacant land surrounding their home, expanding their domain and ensuring breathtaking views of the river.

Phil Robertson’s Neighborhood

In the neighborhood that cradles Phil Robertson’s house, the sense of community transcends beyond the property lines. The 7.1-acre estate is not just a residence; it’s a canvas where Southern hospitality thrives.

Phil Robertson shares this enclave with fellow Duck Dynasty cast members, including Silas Robertson (Uncle Si) and Jep Robertson. This familial bond extends beyond the screen, creating a neighborhood that echoes the close-knit relationships celebrated on their reality show.

Phil Robertson’s neighborhood

Phil Robertson’s neighborhood

Other Houses Owned by Phil Robertson

While the main residence takes center stage, specific details about other houses owned by Phil Robertson are not available at this time. Quaint countryside retreats and urban sanctuaries might add layers to the narrative of a man who appreciates diverse living spaces, but further information is currently elusive. Each property, if any, remains a mystery, contributing to the captivating story of Phil Robertson’s life beyond the Louisiana bayous.

Facts About Phil Robertson

  1. Where is Phil Robertson from?
    Phil Robertson is originally from Vivian, Louisiana, USA.
  2. When was Phil Robertson born?
    Phil Robertson was born on April 24, 1946.
  3. What is Phil Robertson famous for?
    Phil Robertson gained fame as the patriarch of the Robertson family, featured in the reality television series “Duck Dynasty.”
  4. How did Phil Robertson become known as the “Duck Commander”?
    Phil Robertson is nicknamed the “Duck Commander” due to his expertise in duck hunting and his founding of the Duck Commander company, known for its duck calls.
  5. Is Phil Robertson still married?
    Yes, Phil Robertson is married to Kay Robertson. They have been married since 1966 and have five children together.
  6. How did “Duck Dynasty” end?
    “Duck Dynasty” concluded with a one-hour series finale in March 2017, marking the end of the show after 11 successful seasons.

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