Tina Turner Just Purchased A $76 Million House In Switzerland

Tina Turner And Husband

After living in Europe as a foreigner for over 20 years, Tina Turner and her German-born husband Erwin Bach finally got their citizenship in 2013. This allowed them to purchase a property, a project they’ve been looking forward to doing for many years.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the property of the couple and see if we can find design insights to pick up.

A Little Info About Tina Turner

Tina Turner is often remembered for her signature capacious hair and flashy sequins. Add to that her powerful vocals. At 44 she became a rock icon. And after so many decades in the industry, she was able to release countless record-breaking and award-winning music. She earned many accolades, including 8 Grammy awards. She was also inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame twice – one as a solo act and one as part of the Ike & Tina Turner duo.

Her current net worth is around $250 million. With her wealth and net worth, it’s not a surprise she was able to purchase a $76-million waterfront estate overlooking the picturesque Lake Zürich. One month after Tina Turner’s home purchase in Switzerland, she agreed to sell the rights to her extensive music collection to BMG for $50 million. The collection includes 6 decades’ worth of music. She said that entrusting her music to BMG gave her confidence that her life’s work is in reliable and professional hands.

About Tina Turner’s Lakefront Property in Switzerland

Turner’s lakefront estate is truly a treasure. It is a century-old historic estate with 10 different outbuildings spread across 240,000 square feet of land. The following are some of the notable features of the 5.5-acre property:

  • Private lakefront space – Turner’s home in Switzerland boasts a stunning view of Lake Zurich. You can also see the looming mountains beyond the lake as it changes its facade from summer to winter.
  • Pond – The pond also added a touch of art to the outdoor area.
  • Stream – The landscaping near the stream is designed to create an intimate, Zen-haven for the couple and their family.
  • Boat deck – Although it’s not reported that Turner has a marine vessel, her place certainly is a perfect starting point for a cruise.
  • Swimming pool – Of course, a pool is a must-have feature to make every party moment with family and friends extra special.

Tina and Erwin were so happy about the purchase of the property, considering that they were just renting for years. Of course, the Chateau Algonquin estate, which they rented, is still a luxurious place to spend their retirement years. But nothing compares to the joy of being a full-fledged Swiss citizen and owning a real estate property.

In an interview, Tina said that the outdoor space has always been her top priority. She said that she felt nurtured when she was more connected with nature and enjoying some solitude. She needs a lot of green environments to unwind. And her idea of a great vacation is lounging on the terrace and reading a book while waiting for the dinner her boyfriend cooks.

She also mentioned that they feel extremely comfortable in Switzerland. Their compound spans over 240,000 square feet. And they’re planning to use a space in the immediate vicinity as a “new weekend retreat”.

Neighborhood Vibe of Stäfa

Stäfa is one of the elite neighborhoods of Switzerland. Reports say that the Swiss tennis superstar Roger Federer was also spotted having a look at Turner’s property while it was still on the market. However, Federer ended up buying another estate further east along the lake.

The village of Stäfa only has a population of 15,000, but it is home to some of the world’s celebrities and elites. Aside from the breathtaking waterfront views, the place is also flanked by verdant forests and lush vineyards. In fact, Stäfa produces one of Switzerland’s in-demand white wines, the Riesling. The following are some of the travel bucket list items one can check off if you visit Stäfa:

  • Drallo Wine Tour – An intriguing wine tour that features the best Swiss and Stäfa wines.
  • Museum zur Farb Stäfa – A museum designed to take you back to the daily life of past centuries.
  • Chocolate-making workshop – Of course, Switzerland is the home of some of the best chocolates. So, you better learn the art of chocolate making from the experts.
  • Maison Truffe – A Swiss restaurant that features a collection of culinary delights, including truffles and chocolates.
  • Museum Holzhausen – A museum featuring exhibitions of different wine-making tools and equipment structured in relation to the annual cycle of the vines. Yes, a true hangout place for viticulturists.

Tina Turner and Erwin Back are in their 80’s now. And their home in Stäfa, Switzerland is certainly the environment they need to enjoy their retirement years.

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