A Golfer’s Paradise: Jason Day’s Home in Westerville, Ohio

Jason Day's House

Jason Day is a professional golfer and brand ambassador for Nike and Malbon Golf. Born in Queensland, Australia, Jason Day rose to fame in 2007, when he won the Nationwide Tour and became the youngest player to do so at the age of 19. He got his PGA Tour card the following year. And in 2010, he earned his first tour trophy. He has had more than 10 titles since then, one of which was a major one at the PGA Championship in 2015.

In this post, we’ll go on a Jason Days’ house tour to discover the fascinating features of his abode.

Jason Day's home with Virtual Green

With a net worth of over $50M, Jason went on to grow his investment portfolio and secure a prime property for his family. He and his wife Ellie Harvey, whom he married in 2009, now live in an expansive property in Westerville in Columbus, Ohio. He bought the 10,000-sq ft. house in a 5-acre plot of land for $2.425 million in 2010.

Where Does Jason Day Live Now

Jason Day and his family currently reside at Old 3c Hwy Westerville, OH 43082, US. The 5,800-sq. ft. home has 4 bedrooms and 5 ½ bathrooms. Combining modern aesthetics and Mediterranean flair, Jason created a home vibe that’s exquisite, refreshing, and welcoming while keeping the area conducive to his sporty lifestyle.

Interesting Jason Day’s Home Interior Features

Jason Day’s home showcases his unique design tastes, love for sports, and values. The ground floor of Jason’s house has an open-plan layout where the gym, a fireplace, a living room, and a couple of casual lounge areas are located.

  • Gym Area – Fitted with workout essentials and a huge TV, the gym also features Jason’s Virtual Green floor. It is a Full Swing Golf Simulator that can be adjusted to mimic the undulations and slopes of a golf course, allowing Jason to practice golf indoors.
Jason Day's home gym
  • Living Room – Located on the ground floor, the living room has high ceilings and is fitted with floor-to-ceiling glass doors, making the area look airy, spacious, and welcoming. The lounge areas and dining table with seats create a great space for Jason’s family and friends to hang out.
Jason Day's home Lounge area near the golf swing simulator and virtual green
  • Gourmet Kitchen – Diet and nutrition are a priority for Jason, which is why he has a gourmet kitchen where they can prepare healthy foods for the entire family. This area also comes with a big island with breakfast bar seating, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances.
  • Decor – The walls are also fitted with shelves that showcase his unique decorations, such as trophies, sports memorabilia, and framed jerseys of his favorite athletes. Perhaps, one of the priced sports items in his collection is his first golf club, which his father got from the local dump.
Jason Day's house shelves with sports items

Jason Day’s House Outdoor Area

Jason Day’s home is truly a dream for golfers. From the street, the main residence is secluded within a patch of trees. However, the back area of the property has 400 feet of frontage on the Hoover reservoir, making it a perfect place to watch the sunset or sunrise.

  • Guesthouse – The property comes with a detached guesthouse where Jason’s mother lived. It is equipped with a full bar, a couple of bedrooms, and a kitchen. The living room comes with elegant lounge chairs that face a sizable TV screen and fireplace. There’s also a pool outside that’s located just beside the reservoir. Jason’s mother is also a visual artist and author. Following a neutral color scheme, she decorated the guesthouse with colorful artwork, linens, and other personalized creative items.
  • Sauna area – Jason also dedicated a small outdoor structure as his sauna place. He also fitted this area with some choice lounge seats where he can relax when the weather gets too extreme to practice golf outside.
  • Golf Course – Of course, his Virtual Green and Golf Simulator are just for days when it’s not conducive to practice outside. When the weather is perfect, Jason makes use of his golf course for his practices.
Jayson Day's home outdoor golf area
  • Outdoor pool – Located beside the reservoir, the outdoor pool is the perfect quick getaway for Jason’s family. Trees line the edge of the pool. And during autumn, one can see the beautiful yellow, brown, and golden leaves of the trees.

Neighborhood Near Jason Day’s House

Westerville is located in Ohio’s northeast corner, and it’s known for its unique shops, breweries, restaurants, and activities. It might not be a good thing to drop by Jason’s house uninvited, but if you happen to be in the area, make sure to visit the following attractions nearby:

  • Alum Creek State Park – A popular destination for camping, biking, and boating
  • Inniswood Metro Gardens – A 121-acre nature preserve and botanical garden streams, landscaped areas, and woodlands filled with wildlife and wildflowers.
  • Zoombezi Bay – A 22.7-acre water park owned by Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and located just north of Columbus.
  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – A 235-hectare non-profit zoo that’s home to over 800 species and 10,000 animals.
  • Center of Science and Industry – A research center, which houses both traveling and permanent exhibits, that’s been named by USA Today as the number 1 science museum in the country.
  • Ohio History Center – A research center and main history museum in Ohio.

Jason’s home is truly a paradise for himself and his loved ones. Through his sophisticated taste in style and choice of amenities, he was able to create a place that embodies his love for golf and devotion to family. And more than just a home, this place also serves as his refuge of leisure and tranquility.

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