A Tour of Elegance: Lake Como’s Most Beautiful Houses Revealed

Lake Como lies in the charming Italian region of Lombardy, renowned for its stunning landscapes and luxurious villas. These properties offer modern amenities and stunning lake views. No matter what type of house you choose, you’ll find a story of history and style behind it, from charming villas to grand estates.

We will show you the most beautiful and luxurious homes in Lake Como. These homes range from classic villas to modern mansions, each with its style and amenities.

A Tour of Lake Como’s Most Beautiful House

Welcome to N3155 Hickory Road, Geneva, WI 53147, the epitome of lakefront living. The home is on Geneva Lake and offers stunning views and natural surroundings.

Here, we’ll take you around every corner of this charming home, from the lovely interiors to the gorgeous exteriors. So, stay with us for a while!


Home interior

In this lakefront property, you are immediately struck by the comfort and style of the interior. Each room is designed to offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere, whether in the living room, bedroom, or dining area. Choosing furniture and layout carefully contributes to ease and relaxation.

The kitchen has high-end appliances, including a dishwasher, disposal, oven, range, refrigerator, washer, and window A/C. Wood or simulated wood floors add warmth and elegance throughout the interior.

Cable/satellite availability and high-speed internet ensure residents are connected and entertained. These modern amenities cater to practical and leisure needs, reflecting a contemporary lifestyle.

Primary Bedroom

Primary Bedroom

Usually, there are two bedrooms in the property, which allows both residents and guests ample sleeping space. On the main level, the bedrooms are easily accessible and integrate with the primary living spaces.

The primary bedroom on the main level serves as a tranquil retreat. An area of 10×9 feet offers a comfortable space for relaxation. Plus, the secondary bedroom is located on the main level and measures 8×12 feet. Guests can stay in this room, or residents can use it as an additional sleeping area.

However, the bedrooms collectively can sleep 10 people seasonally. As a result, the property is multipurpose and suitable for hosting gatherings.



On the main level, the property has a single bathroom with convenient access from all living areas.

You will find convenient storage solutions to keep toiletries organized and accessible, such as a vanity or built-in shelves. Window and exhaust fans provide adequate ventilation. This helps maintain a fresh and comfortable bathroom environment.

However, keeping the bathroom clean and in good condition is easy due to its design. Whether it’s daily grooming routines, refreshing showers, or a relaxing bath, the bathroom serves many needs.

Dining Area

Dining area

The dining area in this property is designed to allow shared meals, gatherings, and various daily activities. Here’s an in-depth overview:

It’s ideally located on the main level and perfectly coordinated with the floor plan. So it’s easy to access from adjacent living areas. A generous, flexible space of 10 x 8 feet, the dining room accommodates various dining arrangements.

Also, it is easy to serve food and clean up the dining area since it is close to the kitchen. Here, the coordination of cooking and dining activities simplifies the dining experience.

Living Room

Living room

There is no better place to entertain guests and relax than this home’s spacious and multifunctional living room. It offers a spacious layout for arranging furniture and creating different seating arrangements, measuring 12×12 feet.

Also, its customizable design allows multiple functions. It can be a cozy spot for family movie nights, a welcoming space for entertaining guests, or a quiet area for reading and relaxing.

There may be smooth connections between the living room and outdoor areas, such as the patio or 3-season sunroom. As a result, residents can easily transition between indoor and outdoor activities and enjoy the natural surroundings.

In fact, It is often used as an entertainment hub for televisions, audio equipment, and other entertainment systems. You can watch movies, play games, or relax with favorite shows and music in this room.

Backyard Area

Backyard area

Residents of this property will enjoy a private and inviting backyard area. It offers a designated space for relaxation, gatherings, and entertainment.

A patio in the backyard serves as a focal point for outdoor activities. It features a fire table, creating a cozy and atmospheric gathering setting. The fire table adds warmth and charm, making it an ideal evening conversation or stargazing spot.

Plus, this property has a 3-season sunroom that extends into the backyard. It combines indoor and outdoor living with an outdoor kitchen and bar. You can entertain and dine outside while enjoying it.

Outdoor Kitchen/Bar Area

Patio furniture

There is a direct connection between indoor and outdoor living with the outdoor kitchen and bar. Stainless steel appliances, weather-resistant countertops, and stylish bar seating may all be part of this area.

This area is centrally located within the 3-season sunroom extending into the backyard. With this integration, you can cook and entertain outdoors.

Using modern appliances, you can prepare meals in the outdoor kitchen. Cooking essentials such as a grill and countertop space are included, enabling residents to prepare delicious outdoor meals.

Also, you can enjoy the fresh air and open skies while dining outdoors as they enjoy meals in the fresh air. There is a casual snack bar and an elaborate dining area to make outdoor living more enjoyable.

The most prestigious houses on Lake Como offer stunning architectural design and a peek into the lavish lifestyle. Every home has its unique charm and history, from grand villas to charming lakeside cottages. There are stunning views here, as well as a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

So, when visiting Lake Como, a visit to these homes is a must, no matter if you’re a design enthusiast or simply looking for inspiration. The homes offer a look into the past, with stunning decor, original furniture, and beautiful gardens. As a whole, Lake Como is the perfect place to relax and experience luxury.

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