The High Trestle Bridge on the White Blower Trail

High Trestle Bridge on the White Blower Trail

This trail follows the banks of the Little Pikes Creek, which joins the Polk County line. The trail also crosses the west branch of this beautiful creek. On its way it passes through several historic landmarks. It eventually ends at the corner of West Street in downtown Polk City.

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The western approach of the trail offers a panoramic view of the downtown skyline and Iowa Lake. At the end of the bridge the trail goes into the woods and back into the crisp cool evening air. At the end of the trail, the high trestle pavement bridge is visible.

On a clear day the bridge can be clearly seen across the water. A wide walkway and staircase lead up to the trestle. Once on the trestle the bridge is an excellent place to sit and admire the surrounding landscape and wildlife. An easy climb leads to a second staircase that leads to a covered pavilion on the opposite side of the trestle. The pavilion serves as a grating roof shelter for boat launches.

The southern approach of the trail allows one to cross the span of the bridge. The high trestle approaches the bridge from the opposite direction. The bridge has a free wall in front of it, which is great for hikers to cross to get to the other side of the lake. From here the trail proceeds to move towards the high point of the trestle.

Cross the bridge and follow the trail to the end where a bench is located where the trail comes to an abrupt right turn. Go straight ahead to the parking area. There are bathrooms and water on the western end of the trail. Hikers may wish to take some food and refreshments before continuing onto the Appalachian Trail Parking area. After the descent of the Trestle Bridge, the Appalachian Trail crosses the same bridge on the way back to the start of the trail.

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Back at the trail head, hikers should find a shady spot for lunch. Picnic tables and grills are placed nearby in case of a picnic. If hikers wish to continue on the Appalachian Trail crossing the high trestle, they must pass this point. Just beyond the trestle is the white blower bridge that crosses the trestle over the valley below. The trail then makes a brief return trip across the high trestle to the parking area.

Back at the parking area, the trail begins to climb again and hikers must cross the trestle again to continue on to the Appalachian Trail parking area. At this point the trail makes a difficult climb to the second trestle which is the highest point on the trail. At this point the trail makes an easy climb to the third trestle which is also the highest point on the trail. The final climb to the trestle marks the end of the trail.

High Trestle Trail

Hiking the White Blower Trail

Hiking the White Blower Trail will allow visitors to experience the history and architecture of this beautiful region. Hikers are encouraged to be back on the trail early in the morning to catch the first views of morning sunlight. For those who like to hike the trail in the late afternoon, a panoramic view of the mountains, the trail makes an easy descent down to the parking area.

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