Top 5 Interior Door Styles All Hotel Owners Should Be Aware Of

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You don’t create a stunning-looking property and then skimp on the details. While an unusually designed property can appeal to some, the majority of people prefer a more traditional style house.

Just take a look at Demi Lovato’s stunning abode or Billie Eilish’s river ranch. As you look you’ll notice that the property itself isn’t particularly different to any other. Sure, it’s larger and has all the features you could want, but it’s still built from the same materials and designs as most other homes. The difference is the interior design and the modern interior door styles play a large part in this. They connect the rooms, create the flow of the home, and enhance the décor.

That’s a tall order, which is why it’s not surprising that many designers look at Cocif’s popular interior door styles. These are designed by Italians, ensuring passion and art are reflected in every detail.

Whether you’re personalizing your own property or trying to create the perfect ambience in a hotel, you need the latest and most modern interior door styles.

That brings us to the first interior door style everyone should be aware of.

1. Italian Design Doors

The Italians are known around the world for their passion, their artistic flair and the stunning architectural contributions they have made to the world.

The modern Italian door is generally minimalistic. You often can’t see the frames or they don’t have any. They close perfectly, open silently and effortlessly and look fantastic in any location.

Of course, you can choose the color and the finish of your Italian interior door.

Italian doors are made to the highest possible quality, created to fit any size doorway and can blend in or stand out, depending on what you need.

Of course, with such a rich history, it’s not just modern Italian-style doors which are available. You can choose a more traditional style, the perfect choice for a more traditionally designed and styled property.

Italian Design Doors

2. Flush Doors

The standard hotel door looks like a door, it’s a nice quality object set into a frame. However, that’s not the only option. As a hotel or property owner, you should consider flush doors.

As the name suggests, these doors sit flush with the walls, making them harder to distinguish from the wall. Naturally, you can draw attention  to the door by ensuring it’s a different colour to the walls.

There is something enticing, yet slightly mysterious about flush doors that will enhance the look of any property. While most still have frames they appear invisible. This can make the door appear oversized which suggests opulence and elegance.

That generally sits well with paying guests.

This type of door is usually plain, helping to give a minimalistic feel. However, they can be decorated ornately, making the door into a work of art.

3. Traditional Options

As a building owner, you may prefer to keep the doors more traditional. Classic-style doors are often wood-coloured and follow the traditional paneled sections on each door.

A high-quality traditional door will be constructed with real wood, such as oak, cherry and even mahogany. These are weighty, inspiring confidence in guests.

The alternative is an MDF door with a fine-veneer coating. It looks similar to a high-quality traditional door, but won’t feel as solid or last as well.

Traditional doors don’t generally draw attention to themselves, they are simply an accepted part of the space.

4. Minimalistic

Minimalistic doors are often referred to as Scandinavian, although that’s not the only minimalistic style available.

These types of doors don’t have any moldings or other types of decorative elements. Instead, they are generally flat, with a high-quality finish.

The real test of a minimalistic door is what they are made of. Thanks to environmental concerns, many modern minimalistic doors are made of high-quality synthetic materials. This prevents the need to cut down more trees.

This style of door is generally created in pale colors, bleached oak, vanilla or even white ash are popular options.

Of course, a minimalist door needs to be in a minimalist room. They are only an option if the entire space is dedicated to minimalism.

You can take this a step further and use doors which slide into the walls. Not only are they minimalistic, but they also reduce the space taken by the door inside the room.

5. Hi-Tech

If you’re fitting new doors, then perhaps the most important modern interior door style you should be considering is the hi-tech.

This style of door is also simple, without decorative pieces. However, a hi-tech door will look a little industrial and is likely to be constructed out of steel or plastic. Colors tend to be muted, ensuring the focus is on the room and not the door.

Hi-tech doors within a hotel will also incorporate an array of locking mechanisms, specifically ones that can be used without having to be stood at the door.

Summing Up

Perhaps that’s the best modern interior door style, one which is barely noticed, although you‘ll feel the luxury when you open and close it

The above are the most popular interior door styles. However, to make sure you get the best doors for your hotel or other business, choose a manufacturer with a good reputation.

Then all you need to do is choose the door which fits your needs best.

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