Top 10 Property Management Companies in Dubai 2023-2024


In Dubai, buying a home is easy but taking care of a home can be difficult, especially when you both are working. Handling maintenance and repairs breakage, monthly bills, and property management isn’t as easy as it seems, here is a solution to solve all these house-related problems and make your life easier.

The best property management company handles all your considerations about property for sale in Dubai, UAE. They will also help to complete all legal requirements and keep an eye on out.

So if you want to hire the best property management company in Dubai then here is the list of all the best companies that make your vitality comfortable by enduring everything from supervision and restorations to monthly privileges.

Here is A List Of Top Property Management Companies in Dubai 2023:

1. MIVA Real Estate

MIVA Real Estate

MIVA Real Estate delivers a transparent and comprehensive property management service that fulfills all your requirements. This real estate company in Dubai deals with all types of properties like Apartments/Flats, Villas, Penthouses, Townhouses, Farmhouses and Commercial properties.

2. Tanami Properties

Tanami Properties

This company is also counted in the list of top property management companies in Dubai. Their highly professional and skilled property managers are the prime pillar of their success business. They deliver a perfect solution for your problem and fulfill all your requirements.

Tanami Properties is award-winning and recognized for its Google and when guests visit properties or experience their service, they give feedback on social media.

3. Binayah Real Estate

Binayah Real Estate

This is a top property management company in Dubai, established in 2007. They have industry specialists with a minimum of 30 years of background in the Real Estate Market formed the company. This experience you saw in their services.

Binayah delivers its clients a prominent array of services. Property management, Real Estate Brokerage services, asset management, help with buying, leasing, selling, and investments and development, and delivering a list of affordable and luxury apartments for sale in Dubai, are some of the services they deliver.

They have a team of multilingual members, which makes it easy for clients of several backgrounds to communicate or understand them. If you are scrutinizing for the best property management company in Dubai then Binayah is best for you.

4. Provident Estate

Provident Estate

In Dubai, if you want a splendid property management company then Provident Estate is best for you. This company has a brilliant record of achievement. Provident Estates is a highly proficient and skilled team that is capable of delivering you all the assistance and consultancy that you require to find the ideal property for your needs.

They are also a very manifold team, if you are looking for the best property management company then Provident Estate is perfect for you.

5. KeyOne Properties

KeyOne Properties

KeyOne Properties deliver a wide range of property management services, for both tenants and owners. Including Listing Agreements and Management Contracts.

In which, they take care of all aspects from cleaning up. When they are here, take them on vacation, and Full Managers, handle everything else- repairs/ maintenance requests. They deal with all troubles like plumbing problems as needed throughout each month.

6. Better Homes

Better Homes

If you want a one-time sale then Better Homes property management company is best for you. They hold a minimum of 10 years of experience and are capable of delivering suitable management properties that fulfill your requirements and wants as an individual and family who are seeking to buy their first home together with all its upsides.

7. Asteco


In Dubai, Asteco Property Management company is the best and carries a minimum of three decades of experience. For their best services, they received several prizes and preferences in their field. When it comes to owning or selling property here, they are one of the most sought-after firms to operate.

8. My Dubai Properties

My Dubai Properties

If you want a luxury penthouse or villa, then My Dubai Properties has fulfilled your requirements. This is a reputed real estate agency in Dubai that delivers the best property management services.

They deliver a comprehensive category of properties and practical elements like online comparison tools that permit them to make your selection more leisurely. They deliver many benefits when you invest with their company.

9. Haus & Haus Real Estate Dubai

Haus & Haus Real Estate Dubai

Haus & Haus Estate Dubai is made up of passionate, vigorous professionals who live and breathe the communities they utilize within. They hire a broker who is an expert in their specific area and also values local knowledge.

They offer professional services to clients, not only friendly teams but are also dedicated to managing property as well. Purchasing or vending a property is not just business, they convert into happiness at home too.

10. Driven Properties

Driven Properties

Driven Properties is also counted among the best property management companies in Dubai. Driven Properties has a goal to deliver real estate solutions for every necessity.

From finding your best home to financing in property or wealth management services, they deliver all services with manners.

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