6 Costly Exterior Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Brick house facade repair and replacement of roofing, scaffolding around the house
Repair of the facade of an ordinary brick house and replacement of roofing, scaffolding around the house, blue sky background

Whether you’re renovating your home to add more space or remodelling your kitchen to add convenience, exterior home renovations are some of the most exciting additions you can make to your home. But they’re not always the most cost-effective, and it’s all too easy to go overboard when making these major upgrades. Here are six common mistakes to avoid if you want to create an exterior home renovation that doesn’t break the bank.

1) Lack of a Plan

When it comes to exterior renovations, you need to have a plan before spending your money. One mistake that homeowners often make is not having a plan for the space that needs work. It’s best if you do an area-by-area or project-by-project approach instead of trying to tackle everything at once because the cost can add up quickly. For example, rather than trying to fix every part of the house all at once, focus on one room in your home and then move on to another room until you’ve completed them all. Alternatively, try tackling projects one at a time, repair gutters first, and save siding repair for later.

2) Going Over Budget

One mistake that you’ll want to avoid with exterior home renovations is going over budget. The goal should be to complete your project without running out of money. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, and that can lead to problems in the future. For example, if your mortgage holder requires a 20% down payment for a loan, having an overbudget project will make it more difficult to pay back the loan. As such, it’s always best to do as much research as possible before starting on your exterior home renovation so you can figure out how much this project will cost.

3) Failing to Hire an Expert

We often think we can save money by doing our renovations, but there are a lot of mistakes that people make when they’re trying to save a buck. Unless you have prior experience with renovations, it’s worth spending the extra money upfront. That way you’ll know that the job is being done properly and won’t have to come back later to fix anything. Another common mistake is not hiring an architect or an engineer before starting any work. if you don’t understand construction codes and proper design principles, chances are your project will end up costing more than necessary to get fixed.

4) Rushing the Job

When time is of the essence, it can be tempting to simply rush through a job or start haphazardly with a hammer and nail. Make sure you take your time and pay attention to detail because rushing not only leaves you susceptible to expensive mistakes but will also cost you in the end. For instance, if you are staining wooden trim on an exterior door, ensure that there are no drip marks before you seal the door for protection. The best way to avoid drips is by using plenty of clamps. Also, watch out for paint splatters when you’re painting outside. If you want a professional-looking finish, it’s best to tape off the area before applying any paint.

5) Choosing the Wrong Type of New Materials

Choosing the wrong type of new materials can result in a home renovation project that does not last. When making exterior home renovations, it is important to choose materials that will stand up well against harsh weather conditions and look good for many years to come. It is best to talk with an expert before embarking on this type of project so they can help you decide what materials are best suited for your needs. Ask them questions about what types of wear and tear each material can handle as well as how long they expect each material to last. They will be able to give you an idea about which type of material would work best for your particular situation.

6) Thinking Cheap Is Always a Bargain

It’s easy to want a bargain when it comes to a home renovation. Unfortunately, there are too many reasons why you should steer clear of any cheap contractor. When it comes, to do-it-yourself or DIY

projects, going for the cheapest option might not be such a bad idea. But when it comes time for hiring someone, research and compare all your options before settling on the cheapest person. Cheap labour does not equal good workmanship.

Now That You Know Better – Do Better!

Take the time to do research and choose wisely when renovating your exterior home. Research the costs and labour, find out how much it will take to get started, take stock of what is involved, and consult with an expert if you are feeling overwhelmed. Using these tips will ensure that you don’t make any costly mistakes that could end up delaying your work or costing you more money in the long run.

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