Bradley Cooper Buys Pacific Palisades House For $4.8 Million

Bradley Cooper Buys Pacific Palisades House For $4.8 Million

Bradley Cooper is an American actor, filmmaker, producer, and director who is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors. Since his first acting role in 1999, he has starred in at least 55 movies. He can also take on roles in different movie genres, be it for action (American Sniper & Limitless), fantasy (Guardians of the Galaxy), romantic comedies (Silver Linings Playbook), and everything in between. He also had his share of nominations and awards, especially the Grammy Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group for his performance with Lady Gaga in the film A Star is Born (2019).

Bradley Cooper's House In Pacific Palisades

As one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, his net worth is currently estimated at $100 million, which he used to fund his businesses and real estate portfolio. In this post, we’ll look into his beautiful residence in Pacific Palisades.

Where does Bradley Cooper live?

Although he has several properties across the country, Cooper spends most of his time at his beautiful home in Pacific Palisades.

Aerial View Of Pacific Palisades

Located in Rustic Canyon, Bradley Cooper’s home is a single family property that sits on 4,400 square feet of land. The structure has 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, an outdoor swimming pool area, and a separate 2-car garage. Cooper bought the mansion at $4,800,000. Aside from the main house, the property also includes a separate 2-story guesthouse with 2 bedrooms, each of which has its own bathroom and kitchenette.

Home Office

Best Features of Bradley Cooper’s House Interior and Exterior

As the purchase was done off-market, there are not many images of the interior for this Bradley Cooper house tour. However, as he’s also been doing some of his videos at his house during the pandemic, sneak peeks of his home’s interior come as backgrounds of his live videos. For instance, in one video, he was seen in a living area with framed artwork on the walls.

Meanwhile, the exterior area of Cooper’s residence is a different story. Images of the American Sniper star’s home outdoor area took the internet by storm because of its beautiful landscaping, exquisite outdoor furniture pieces, and carefully selected trees, flowers, and shrubs.

Zen-inspired Facade

From a distance, the house exudes a Zen look with its wood paneling, which perfectly blends well with the surrounding greenery. He also has the luxury of owning a 1000-square-foot backyard, which features sun-dappled lawns and glades shaded with flowering shrubs and a variety of fruit trees. The secluded, park-like grounds also feature forest-like foliage of old oak and sycamore trees. Then, he also has a koi pond, an outdoor spa, and a stone-trimmed, lagoon-style swimming pool.

Home Garden

Relaxing Outdoor Living Area

The outdoor living area is the perfect place for Cooper and his family and friends to organize parties and get-togethers. Beside the pool, there’s a paved area furnished with comfy outdoor furniture pieces, such as an outdoor umbrella, and a wooden round center table.

Relaxing Outdoor Living Area

Next to the pool is a paved area furnished with a wicker furniture set, which comes with orange cushions and abstract-print, blue throw pillows. The paved walkways are lined with garden lights and flowering plants in multi-color pots.

Paved Area With Wicker Furniture Set

Beside the poolside living area is the outdoor dining area with a circular barbecue grill at the center. This area is also fitted with comfy seating options, such as wooden stools, wrought iron chairs, and a swing.

The Neighborhood Near Bradley Cooper’s Pacific Palisades Home

Pacific Palisades is an affluent neighborhood in the Westside area of LA. Rustic Canyon is a residential area located in the eastern part of Pacific Palisades. The price of single-family properties in the area, such as Bradley Cooper’s home, ranges from $1.6 million to $50 million.

Pacific Palisades becomes a top pick for residential property owners because of its beautiful beaches, close-knit community, privacy, and small-town feel. Despite its seclusion, the area is still accessible via different modes of transport. There’s also a wide range of shopping areas, grocery stores, restaurants, architecturally significant homes, and public areas to visit.

Aerial View Of A Golf Course

One of the best things about living in Pacific Palisades is the abundance of parklands. The area’s hilly topography and coasts make the area perfect for outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, and swimming. The area’s Mediterranean climate also allows residents to have fun outdoors on any given day. For instance, one of the top attractions in the area is the Murphy Ranch and Rustic Canyon Trail, which is a 3.4-mile trail that offers great views of the coastline and the mountains as one walks across small creeks.

Other Houses Owned by Bradley Cooper

Aside from his cozy, Zen home in Pacific Palisades, Cooper also has other properties across the U.S.

Patio With Tables And A BBQ Grill

Reports show that he owns a 5-story home at 224 West 10th Street in Manhattan. The penthouse spans roughly 4,000 square feet and costs $13.5 million. The home has 6 bedrooms, a media room, and a 1000-bottle wine cellar. It’s equipped with smart home technology. It might be rare and a real luxury to find a property with a private backyard in Manhattan. But Cooper’s home has one. The yard also comes with a ping-pong table, outdoor umbrella, potted plants, and grill area.

Aerial View Of Manhattan

Cooper also owns a 2,198-square-foot loft-style townhouse in Dogtown Station, Venice, CA. The property costs $1.25 million and comes with an open floor plan, 9- to 18-foot ceilings, and a gated garage entry. Listing images also show the home’s polished concrete, hardwood plank flooring, and private rooftop deck with views of the skyline and ocean. He used the property as an office for his production companies.

Living Room

Are you planning to pick up Bradley Cooper’s home design? If you are, make sure to contact an expert to guide you. You might also like to browse our blog to view more celebrity homes for inspiration.

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