Common Signs Of A Roof That IS Falling Apart And The Need For A Professional

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If you have had excessive leaks that spike up in at a different place than the one fixed before, you might need the installation of a new roof.

Signs Of A Falling Roof

But before we get into the installation of a new roof, it must be inspected for a few factors that clearly indicate a weak roof. Here are six most common and evident signs of severe roof damage; if you notice to have any of these on your roof, you should probably contact the nearest roof leak repair and installation company in Fayetteville, NC because you need a new roof!

The Age Of Your Roof

The very first thing that we should take into account is the age of your roof. Most shingle roofs will last at an average of about 20 years, so if your roof age goes back further than 20 years, you might need a new roof installation pretty soon.

Some roofing repair professionals advise the installation of only a single layer of shingles over an existing old. This means that your base layer is the same installation that dates back much longer than its lifespan, and you need a replacement.

Curled Shingles

Checking the most exposed area to the direct sunlight on your roof is another good place to inspect the strength or weakness of it. Shingles tend to buckle when they are past their life expectancy and curl in areas that receive the most sunlight.

During the inspection of your if you notice that buckling or curling of shingles at multiple spots, it is the most evident sign that your roof is defective. Call out a roof inspection professional to make sure whether you qualify for a roof replacement or not.

Compromised Valleys

The valley on your roof is the slightly lower part that is at an angle to attract the water or snow and have it on its way to gutters to drain out properly. Damage in this part of the roof is crucial and puts you at many risks to the structure.

Inspect the valley of your roof, and if you find loose shingles, or completely missing in this area, it is again a very prominent call for a roof replacement. The valley is where all the water is accumulated before draining, if you neglect a compromised valley for long enough, you will probably see quite a lot of roof leaks.

Cracked And Missing Tabs

On roofs where you have a base layer of asphalt shingles installed, and on the top, you have a pattern of tabs installed; inspection can be quite easy.

You can run an eye over the roof and check if all the tabs are intact in their places, if you notice any cracked or missing tops from the top of your roof, then it is another indication that your roof is falling apart slowly.

Worn Out Layer

When a roof reaches the end of its lifespan as is left unattended to work past it, it starts to crumble the topmost layers of shingles, as mentioned earlier above. Inspecting for the early signs of shingles falling apart is not an easy thing to do without knowledge.

However, you can run a few inspection checks on your own that can ensure this. Inspect the area where the gutters drain the water, and if you see shingle granules, it is an evident sign that your roof is falling apart. Also, if you see faint or prominent patches of black on your roof, it is an indication of a worn-out layer.

A Weakened Deck

The inspection for a weakened deck is not a chore to be pulled out on your without knowledge of the experience of it since it is a much skill-requiring thing. But the easiest of these inspection tests that you can do might suggest a possibility it.

Take a walk on your roof, and if you notice it be bouncy instead firm and intact, there is a possibility that your deck has been worn out. Another very prominent signs to look for is in your attic, see if there is any peeking rays of light coming through, or excessive moisture, if it is present then you definitely are in need of a new roof.

Why Call Out A Professional Company

Since the roof is one of the most crucial parts of the structure of your house, its care and handling should only be left out to the professionals. You can surely try the many DIY methods available online, but the success ratio is quite less.

To make sure that your money is put in the right place and avoid time wastage and risks, hiring a professional is always the most recommended thing. Here is why:

Knowledgeable And Experienced

A roof inspection, repair, and installation require a specific set of skills and knowledge to apply, which cannot be learned overnight by storming the internet for tutorial videos and informative articles.

Saves Money

Investing to repair or to completely install a new roof for your house is never an easy expense to risk.

By hiring a professional, you can be sure that the invested money is put in a good place, and you won’t see repairs spiking soon because of cheap work done.

Saves Time

The installation of a roof cannot be done overnight, especially if you are the only one doing it.

Instead of laying waste to days and weeks’ worth of your time in order to save a few extra bucks, hiring a roofer will benefit you by saving valuable time.

Warrantied Services

 The best part about hiring a professional  roofer in Fayetteville NC is that a reputed company usually provides a warranty on their services.

A warranty gives you the surety of your investment being safe and sound. Even if there are shortcomings in the installation and you encounter problems with your roof, the professional will have to come back and redo the work without any additional charges.

Jennifer is a professional roofer in Fayetteville, NC, and has been providing quality services to his clients over the years. Here is how he shares with us some of the most common signs of roof damage.

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