Crafting A Hidden Passage: Concealed Hinges For Secret Doors

Concealed Hinge

In the realm of fascination and wonder, there exists an enchantment surrounding clandestine portals. Who amongst us has not harbored a clandestine desire for a chamber reminiscent of those found in the legendary exploits of James Bond, concealed cleverly behind a sliding tome-laden alcove?

DoorsDelivered’s concealed hinge stands as the epitome of subtlety and sophistication in the realm of design.

With the inclusion of matching cover plates, every screw remains veiled from sight, ensuring a seamless aesthetic. The innovative ‘Easy-hook’ installation system simplifies the process, making these white concealed hinges effortlessly manageable, even for solo installation. Say goodbye to the hassle of using wedges under the door for height adjustments, thanks to their distinctive height adjustment mechanism. Additionally, the casing of the copper concealed hinge can be pre-fitted into the door off-site, streamlining workshop operations.

The phenomenon of concealed spaces concealed behind enigmatic entrances is experiencing a surge in popularity. Last year, on The Block, a noteworthy indicator of prevailing interior design trends, three couples embraced this trend by incorporating secret doors into their respective dwellings.

Jimmy and Tam, as well as Daniel and Jade, integrated a clandestine entrance connecting their bedroom wardrobe to the ensuite, with the latter couple also adding an element of surprise by concealing access to attic storage.

In pursuit of a timeless elegance, Luke and Jasmin opted for a hidden door discreetly integrated into the side of their staircase to maximize storage space. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Tam ingeniously tackled an awkward layout dilemma by introducing a feature timber wall with a concealed door, effectively camouflaging a laundry area situated opposite their front entrance.

There exists a certain enchantment and thrill surrounding hidden doors, undoubtedly contributing to their allure. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t harbored a clandestine desire for a room à la James Bond, cleverly concealed behind a sliding bookcase. Similarly, who wouldn’t be enchanted by the prospect of a delightful surprise entry to a side room, exemplified by the exquisite creation of renowned interior designer Sibella Court, utilizing concealed hinges from DoorsDelivered.

The History of Secret Rooms

The concept of hidden rooms and secret doors carries a weighty historical significance, often serving as a sanctuary for individuals seeking refuge from adversaries and oppression throughout history.

One of the most renowned examples is Anne Frank and her family, who famously concealed themselves from Nazi persecution during World War II in a covert annex located at the rear of their 17th Century Amsterdam canal-side residence.

Similarly, during the era of Prohibition in the 1920s, invisible doors discreetly veiled speakeasies, offering a clandestine haven for revelers. In contemporary times, concerns about home invasion or attacks have led to the incorporation of hidden safes or ‘panic’ rooms in new residences, deliberately omitted from architectural plans and camouflaged from external view, often equipped with advanced technological features to ensure both security and comfort.

Concealed doors for minimalist aesthetics

The surge in popularity of hidden doors today can be attributed to the widespread yearning for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. The trend towards clutter-free design resonates strongly in an era where many individuals find themselves spending increasingly more time within their homes.

While all doors require hinges of some sort, most hinges remain visible without issue. However, when aiming for a minimalist appearance or seeking to conceal a secret room, the goal is to make the door as unobtrusive against the wall as possible. This is precisely why concealed hinges are highly recommended for such purposes.

Matt Chrome Concealed Hinges

Exploring the Concept of Concealed Hinges

Crafted to vanish from sight upon closure, a concealed hinge seamlessly aligns doors with walls, ensuring a flawless finish. Its sleek, understated profile enhances the aesthetic appeal when doors swing open, offering a range of finishes to effortlessly blend with any decor. Renowned as invisible or SOSS-style hinges, they eliminate the gap between door and frame inherent in conventional hinges, delivering the coveted illusion of a hidden doorway.

At DoorsDelivered, we’ve curated a selection of the finest concealed hinges, and among them, we proudly offer the premium Invisible hinges. Renowned for their European craftsmanship, these hinges embody the high standards of quality, strength, and reliability that our customers expect. Their pure, sleek aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to any door installation.

“Our trade customers consistently praise the hinges for their exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal,” shared a representative of DoorsDelivered. “What’s more, they’re pleasantly surprised by how effortless they are to install.

Which hidden hinge is the right choice for me?

The weight and size of your door will determine the concealed hinge that best suits your needs. For example, the our Invisible Neo comes in three different sizes and can support doors weighing up to 150kg. You can find detailed product specifications for each model by downloading them here.

Once you’ve identified the appropriate hinge size, you have the flexibility to choose a finish that seamlessly blends into its surroundings or makes a bold statement as a standout feature, complementing the overall color scheme of the room.

Magnetic Door Catches

When designing your hidden door, it’s important to think about how the door will close, especially if you’re not using a traditional handle. Magnetic contactless door closing systems offer a solution by securely holding interior doors closed without the need for a door handle or latch. A magnetic door catch functions similarly to a magnetic lock, but instead of locking the door, it simply ‘catches’ it and holds it closed. Since there are no moving parts involved, doors can be opened and closed completely silently.

Don’t overlook the pivot door option.

For larger and heavier doors, a door pivot could be the ideal choice. Nowadays, concealed pivots are no longer just an expensive option, making their benefits more attainable for various purposes, whether it’s for secret doors, high-traffic areas, or oversized front doors.

For more advice on secret doors, concealed hinges and which options are right for you, feel free to visit DoorsDelivered

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