The House Attack of Vienna: An Architectural Wonder

The House Attack of Vienna

House Attack, conceived and executed by the renowned Austrian artist and architect Erwin Wurm, was a testament to his commitment to redefine the boundaries of architectural art. It stood as a symbol of resistance, embodying the clash between domestic life and the world of high art, challenging our perceptions of dwellings and society as a whole.

The construction of House Attack began in early 2006, and it was opened to the public on October 19 of the same year. The building served as a thought-provoking spectacle, engaging visitors in a discourse about the intersection of art and architecture. Its most striking feature was the appearance of a family house seemingly ‘attacking’ the modernist building, with the ordinary suburban home embedded in the façade of MUMOK.

The twisted domicile, with its quintessential tiled roof and painted walls, contradicted the sleek exterior of MUMOK, creating an uncanny sense of disruption that sparked conversations and turned heads. Standing approximately 20 meters high, House Attack challenged traditional logic both outside and within its walls.

Upon entering House Attack, visitors encountered an interior that mirrored the chaos of its exterior. The irregular spaces defied conventional design, inviting viewers to question their relationship with the built environment. It was a disorienting experience that challenged our perception of architectural norms.

The House Attack of Vienna Austria

Although House Attack didn’t serve any conventional function beyond being an architectural sculpture, it held a deeper meaning. It represented a critique of our homogeneous society and the way we perceive and inhabit our dwellings. House Attack was located at Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria, and was an integral part of MUMOK.

The audacious architectural masterpiece known as House Attack has been dismantled, marking the end of its remarkable presence. This unconventional structure, which challenged the norms of architecture, has left an indelible mark on the art world.

While House Attack may no longer physically exist, its significance lies in its symbolism and the discourse it continues to inspire. It stood as a landmark to the outlandish and absurd, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and imagined. House Attack reminds us that the world of architecture, much like art, is boundless and open to interpretation, forever pushing the envelope of human creativity.

We invite you to reflect on the impact of House Attack and the legacy it leaves behind. Let it serve as a reminder that art and architecture have the power to challenge our perspectives, provoke thought, and redefine what is possible.

Further Information On The House Attack of Vienna

Date Construction started: 2006

Date Opened: 19-October, 2006

Architect: Erwin Wurm

Function or purpose: metaphorics exemplary for the work of the artist, a focus of the exhibition.

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