How Much Does A Walk In Shower Cost?

Bathroom With A Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are becoming popular since the trend of minimal water consumption is on the rise. Shower tubs, for this reason, are becoming obsolete. The Walk-in shower design is special for having a spacious and easy-to-clean bathroom to customize your requirements. It has various features that no other type of shower enclosure can provide you. For this reason, the walk in shower cost may vary so fastly.

Salient Features of Walk-in Shower

When building a walk-in shower, you should know what features you will get in return on investment in such a lucrative project:

  • Easy walk in and out from the doorless entrance for a hassle-free of door opening/closing
  • Half the wall includes a fixed shower screen that keeps the shower splash from coming out
  • Various shower screens styles like french gridded design, frosted glass, or clear tempered glass
  • Helps the bathroom extremely easy to clean and maintain
  • Waterproof tiles on the walls and an exclusive shower pan on the bottom help quickly dry out the water drops

These unique features are the reason why homeowners mostly love walk-in showers in modern bathrooms. However, with that many advantages, the walk-in shower cost may go a little higher and it may fluctuate based on various factors as follows:

  • Quality of panels and surrounding Materials
  • Type & design of ceramic tiles
  • Prefabricated Showers vs custom designs
  • Shower size, design, and Style
  • Number of fixtures and features
  • The shower installation cost of labor
  • Demolition Costs
  • Lining cost and waterproofing cost
  • Shower pan and flooring Installation cost
  • Other unexpected costs

Walk in Shower Cost

If you want to remodel your bathroom, converting the bathtub to a walk-in shower is the best way to do so. The average cost to remodel a bathroom may exceed $10000, which makes it among the most expensive investments in home renovations. Let’s break down the cost and make it easier for you.

When A Prefabricated Shower Unit is Already Exists

If you already have a prefabricated shower unit installed, then the cost ranges from $1200 to $3500. This cost may include the following factors:

  • Walk in shower glass panel cost from $500 to $2000
  • The average installation cost of the labor is $500
  • A shower tray installation costs from $150 to $1000

The difference in price range reflects the type, quality, and thickness of the shower glass pane. Also, if you have allocated a large area for your shower, the large size of the fixed shower screen will be required.

A Fully Customized Walk in Shower Cost

If you want to convert your bathtub into a customized walk in shower, the cost will be split into three categories:

  • The cost of bathtub demolition is from $500 to $1500
  • The average cost of plumbing and confining a shower area is $2000
  • Cost of tiling and waterproofing the shower area is from $1500 to $6000
  • Cost of buying the shower screen for a walk in shower is from $500 to $8000
  • The average cost of buying a shower tray is $1500
  • Shower faucet and other hardware average cost $1000
  • A fully customized shower installation cost of the labor is $1000

So, if you intend to completely customize the bathroom shower area, you should have at least a budget of $8000 to keep the project smooth and successful. If you allocate a large area for the walk-in shower and want to use luxury bathroom tiles and excellent quality glass panels and other stuff, expect nothing less than $20000 in cost.


Being a unique type of shower enclosure, the walk-in shower has become a top favorite for modern bathroom lovers. It serves best for people having busy life schedules and requires minimal maintenance. The cost of installing a walk-in shower is not fixed. If you already have the confined and ready-to-install walk-in shower area in the bathroom, the cost only covers panel and shower base installation. Otherwise, for a complete renovation of the shower area, the budget will become as low as $8000.

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