It’s Summer, Redo Those Cabinets While You’re Inside

Kitchen Cabinets

Maybe your cabinets are getting old and outdated, but you just don’t know when the best time to take on the task is.

It can be a pretty stressful task trying to work around holidays and important meals with the family because when the kitchen is being redone it can be pretty hard to supply the family with food.

Luckily there is a perfect time to redo the kitchen and we have all the answers you may be asking.

Let’s get right into it!


The most obvious reason to redo your kitchen in the summertime is that you get to stay out of the heat. Push that exterior paint job to either the spring or fall.

The truth is, nobody wants to work in the unforgiving heat, which is one of the main reasons why doing interior jobs is best to do in the summertime.

Alternative Cooking Spaces

One thing that can easily be forgotten when redoing the kitchen is where is food going to be made? 

Eating out for every meal can start to get expensive for obvious reasons. So what do you do?

We’ll, working the summertime you’ll have easy access to a grill where you can cook meals in the meantime. This will also be the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family.

Although this is still possible in the winter nobody wants to stand out in frigid weather conditions. 

There’s nothing like grilling with the family on a nice summer day!

More Hours In The Day

For those that are planning on doing the job themselves, maximizing the hours of the day will be huge for you. 

In the wintertime, there obviously much fewer hours compared to the summertime.

With more light, you’ll have a much easier time completing the project with what seems like a much longer day. 

This means you’ll be able to spend the day redoing your kitchen and in the evening have a nice grill out with the family.

Minimize The Costs

One of the ways to save money is by ordering in advance. On average it takes roughly 12-14 weeks to get custom kitchen cabinets.

Like all retail products, the cost of materials will fluctuate throughout the year. To save money, it’s best to figure out what this time is for your city so you can order at the time and have it ready for the summertime.

This will allow for money to be spent somewhere else so maybe it’s upgrading the countertops, new grill, or even just a fun family trip.

On the other hand, cabinet painting is much more affordable and can be done over the course of a weekend by professionals.

Final Thoughts

Redoing a kitchen can be a very stressful, and tedious project. But to minimize that stress and complete the project its best to do this is the summer.

The main reason to work in the summer is that it’s cooler, minimize the cost, and you get an alternative for food.

So if you’re looking to minimize the stress of the project, and enjoy more time with the family; try starting in the summertime. 

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