Lighting Suggestions To Make Your Home Look Cozy And Stylish

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If you’re searching for a quick, efficient way to renovate your space without the need to buy much furniture, you could consider updating your lighting. Available in many different styles, colors, and textures, lighting can help you achieve a range of interior goals without dipping too much into your budget. Whether you’re hoping to save yourself money on your energy bill or trying to make your house look bigger and brighter, we’ve compiled this list of lighting suggestions to help make your home look cozy and stylish.

Preparing Your Property for Lighting Changes

Now that you’ve decided to make your home cozy and stylish with some new lighting, you’ll need to prepare your home for these changes and carry out any required checks before starting any work. Your intentions may be to carry out the work yourself. Still, you might find that you’ll need assistance from an electrician, which we highly recommend if you’re installing lights in a different location, high-risk areas, or planning on implementing a new circuit.

You may also find that if your house is old or you’re unsure if the wiring in the property is up to standard, you might need to have an EICR carried out from trained experts such as the Trade Facilities Services before installing your shiny, new lights. EICR tests are recommended every decade for private, domestic property owners, so if yours is overdue, it’s worth considering having this service completed before starting any renovations as it can highlight any potential issues.

Use Dimmers to Save on Your Energy Bill

If one of your light refurbishment goals is to reduce the amount you spend on your energy bill, then dimmers could be the solution to all your problems. As well as helping to achieve a cozy and stylish environment, dimmers save energy by reducing the flow of electricity to the bulb, which in turn prolongs the lifespan of your bulb as it’s not shining as brightly. Dimmers are also helpful to set the mood and can be used in conjunction with natural light to create the perfect balance.

Brightening Up a Dark Space

Make dark spaces cozy, stylish, and bright in your home through innovative lighting. Achieve this by placing lamps in the darkest parts of the room, such as the corners, etc., and hanging big ceiling lights, which will help brighten up the room without overpowering it. You could also introduce cost-effective decorative elements such as fairy lights and candles, which will work with natural and artificial light sources to brighten up a dark space.

Spread Light around a Room to make it Appear Bigger

If you intend to try and make rooms appear more extensive, you can utilize lighting in clever ways by spreading it around the room and emphasizing corners. Layer lighting with a mixture of ceiling and corner fixtures to evenly distribute light and make a room appear more spacious. If you have light colored walls or mirrors in your property, you can angle towards your light sources; these can also help to reflect light and make rooms appear more prominent. If you’d like more tips on using lighting to make a room bigger, check out these tips.

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