Taking A Peek Inside Andrew Garfield’s Dazzling $2.5 Million House

Taking A Peek Inside Andrew Garfield’s Dazzling $2.5 Million House

Andrew Garfield has made a name for himself in Hollywood due to his superb performance in the Spiderman series. After making a massive hunk of cash for his role as a Marvel comics superstar, Garfield purchased a stunning $2.5 million ranch-style home in Beverly Hills. The house is complete with four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a front yard, and a backyard, and it is surrounded by enough greenery to lend the superstar a semblance of privacy. It features 3,862sq feet of space. 

Gate of Andrew Garfield's house

Garfield, who blew away the masses with his tear-jerking performance in Hacksaw Ridge, bought the Beverly Hills mansion with his then-girlfriend and Spiderman co-star Emma Stone. This house was supposed to serve as their personal West Coast base. But does the whopping $2.5 million price tag do justice to this piece of heaven located in the heart of California? Let’s find out!

Where Does Andrew Garfield Live Now?

Andrew Garfield purchased the $2.5 million mansion with Emma stone, who was in a romantic relationship then. While Garfield has dual citizenship, he spends most of his time jetting between the US and the UK. 

The 3,862 sq. foot home is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. This sprawling property includes four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Andrew Garfield’s house was previously owned by an English actor, Dudley Moore, who has now passed away. 

Andrew Garfield's house

The house is located in a super-exclusive gated community in the heart of Beverly Hills. The interior of Andrew Garfield’s house is as stunning as the exterior. The front and back yards boast extensive areas covered in lush greenery, which not only add to the beauty of the property but also provide much-needed privacy to the Hollywood stars. 

The house address of Andrew Garfield is Noel Place, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA.

A Blend Of Classic And Modern Interior

The house is built in a ranch style, with high ceilings. The house’s windows are double-tiered, bringing a lot of natural light into the house and making it warm and welcoming. The white paint on the walls gives the rooms a spacious feel. 

Andrew Garfield's living room

The furniture further adds to the rustic appeal of the house, with large classic sofas covered in floral fabric and a low-hanging chandelier. Complete with a fireplace, a coffee table, and a chest of drawers, the sitting area or the lounge of the house looks like something out of a neo-classical movie.

A raised platform behind the sofas has a doorway leading to the dining hall, which is compact without suffocating. Large French windows overlook the backyard, and the other side of the dining hall opens to the kitchen. The house is 1.5 stories high, bringing a lot of air and natural light into the house. Multiple windows are also located in the dining area, which can be covered with blinds if the owners want some privacy.

Dining Room

Like all the homes of the 20th century, this one also comes with a drool-worthy wine cellar. The kitchen has been renovated to meet the residents’ needs and add modern appliances. The white cabinets, complete with a sparkling countertop and a massive chrome sink, make the cooking feel less like a chore and more like a fun exercise!

Wine Cellar

The drawing room is perfect for intimate gatherings. This area can also be used as a play area for kids and a home gym. The warm-toned leather couch is perfect for a lazy day of lounging in front of the television.

Big kitchen

The bedrooms are snug and decorated in pale green and white tones. The bedrooms come with attached baths which are complete with a shower, a tub, and a massive vanity. There is also an under-the-sink storage area to store toiletries and spare towels. 

Andrew Garfield's bedroom
Large bathroom

Fancy Front And Back Yards

The pricey home also comes with a lush green front yard lined with thick trees, which not only safeguard the house from intruders but also offer a degree of privacy from the people outside. The backyard is the real deal- complete with a pool of sparkling blue, clear water, a stone patio lined with potted plants, and sunloungers to soak in some vitamin D on sunny days. 

Swimming pool

Superstar Neighbourhood

The house itself was owned by late British star Dudley Moore but is also surrounded by numerous Hollywood bigwigs. While most superstars prefer to keep their location low-key, famous names like Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Legend, Katy Perry, and Jessica Alba have been reported to live in Beverly Hills. 

Latest Update On Andrew Garfield’s House: 

We found Andrew Garfield’s home on and it now looks completely different both from the outside and from the inside. The house was recently painted on the inside and many of the furniture changed. White and grey are the dominating interior colours now. The pool area was also renoved, the tiles were replaced with grass and the glass pool fencing removed. Here are some photos of how the house looks now

Bathroom with teal paint
Luxurious bedroom
White kitchen design
Dining room with glass table
Living room with white furniture
Home garden with a swimming pool
Car garage
Front gate

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