The Benefits of 30mm Insulation Boards for Homes with Pitched Roofs

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With winter on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, now is the perfect time to think of the upcoming cold and find the best ways to prepare for it. The weather may be getting colder, but things are getting hot with record-soaring gas and electricity prices.

Unless you want to end up paying triple the price of what you’ve already been accustomed to, it’s time to act on boosting your home’s insulation. What may have been an afterthought becomes essential if we consider the various benefits that lie ahead once insulation is taken care of, making the investment that much more desirable beyond the lowering of grid costs.

If your budget doesn’t allow for full-scale improvements on the walls, ceilings, and doors, then the convenient PIR 30mm insulation board reinforcement for the pitched roof should do the trick. Why is it important to insulate the roof? As a homeowner, you’d be happy to know this specific investment can benefit you in more ways than one.

Say Goodbye to Energy Loss

One of the primary reasons to give PIR insulation the thumbs up is the elimination of the heat loss problem, which can lead up to 25% from a home feature like the roof. As this type of insulation acts like a barrier in the form of a board that’s easy to handle and install, unlike the old school wool alternative and fibreglass, you can expect to reduce the heat rising and escaping.

And that’s not all – in addition to keeping you nice and toasty in the colder months, the advantageous PIR 30mm insulation board solution is just as crucial for the warmer months too as it doesn’t allow for the heat to enter your home. The bonus of this all is staying comfortable in your abode throughout the year, as you don’t have to fret those temperature fluctuations. Not surprisingly, insulation is the main factor behind making the passive design home dream come true, along with the proper ventilation.

Installing PIR Insulation

Say Hello to Reduced Energy Bills

You don’t have to be all in on the sustainability trend to see the perks of insulation when you see those monthly heating and cooling costs reduced thanks to the reduction in the need for auxiliary heating and cooling. Sure, there’s the initial cost of purchasing the adequate insulation board, and calling in the professionals to properly cut, fit, and instal it, but the guaranteed outcome of cost reduction over the years more than pays off.

Especially given the quality if you purchase the 30mm insulation boards from some of the premium brands on the market known for the exceptional durability, in the likes of Kingspan, Mannok, Ecotherm, and Xtratherm. With proper installation, it’s said to last you for at least two or three decades depending on the conditions of your home. Moreover, it’s stable so you don’t have to fear it would shrink after some years of use.

Create a Greener Home

Perhaps you already have your own set of sustainable practices you pride yourself on for being the change you wish to see in the world, or perhaps you need a little push in that direction. Regardless of which part of the eco-aware scale you’re on, the insulation with some of the top-notch PIR board options is sure to help you out in the matter as it’s set to assist in creating an eco-friendly home what with the reduction in energy use.

Depending on the size of your property, estimates give a rough number of about 1030kg of reduced carbon dioxide. So, not only will your wallet thank you in the long run, but the planet too. Taking care of the environment as best we can with such practices means we do the best for future generations and set an example they too can follow.

Installing Insulation

Create a Sound-proof Home

Maybe you live in a very busy neighbourhood and you find it hard to tone down the hustle and bustle of city life. Or maybe or a traffic-heavy road is right across resulting in noise pollution which gets intensified especially at night as you try to get some shut-eye.

Whichever your situation, rest assured this is also a case where the addition of PIR between the rafters can assist you with enhancing your home’s sound-proofing properties, which is the kind of benefit that every light sleeper is sure to appreciate. Comfort and quality of life are certain to increase as soon as you have the boards.

Increase The Property’s Value

PIR 30mm Insulation

If the already mentioned benefits weren’t enough, there’s also the fact the thin and lightweight PIR 30mm insulation solution is easy to fit in without taking up too much space or weighing the roof structure down. Even the other board thicknesses, like the 40, 50, 70, as well as 100mm PIR boards are known for these very properties.

This leaves you with more usable space if it’s the case with a loft, and it doesn’t compromise on your living comfort. Just make sure you consider the usable space for the application, and if needed consult a U-value calculator tool to ensure you get the right thickness for your specific roof and space available.

All in all, it’s the kind of investment that adds up to your property’s value which is a huge pro regardless of whether you’d ever plan to sell or not. Especially more if we also consider it can be used in a hybrid combination in a multifoil solution with a three-pronged approach that offers high radiation protection as well.

To make the most of the investment, it’s advisable to leave things in the hands of professionals who’ve had years of experience on the matter, and who know the adequate board size and approach to take for your insulation requirements. They also have a notion of what to pay attention to for the expanding of the lifespan of the said investment, looking into aspects like ventilation, leaks, and roof and raft damage prior to the installation to provide you with the results you’re looking for.

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