Types of Driveway Pavers and How to Choose the Best One for Your Home

Stone Pavers

Driveway pavers are a little more expensive than some of the other driveway materials out there. However, they can significantly improve the functionality of your driveway. They’re practical, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and can withstand the heavy weight of multiple parked cars at once.

So, if you’re in the middle of a driveway renovation, we recommend choosing driveway pavers. There are several different kinds of pavers to choose from, and each one offers unique advantages.

In this article, we’ll cover the different types of driveway pavers that are available and how you can choose the perfect paving stones to boost the value of your property and enhance its curb appeal.

What Are Driveway Pavers?

Driveway pavers are interlocking blocks or paving stones that are used to pave driveways, walkways, and patios. They can be made out of a wide variety of materials, such as brick, concrete, and stone, and are a hugely popular option for the home. You can find driveway pavers of all shapes, sizes, and designs to create fully customized paving stones for your property.

What Are the Different Types of Driveway Pavers?

When it comes to choosing driveway pavers, you’ve got a few different options. The main types of driveway pavers include those made of brick, concrete, permeable materials, and stone.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the different types of driveway pavers and their advantages, including their strength ratings and costs.

Brick pavers

Brick pavers comprise molded and baked clay. They have a decent strength rating of 12,000 pounds per square inch, so they’re a great option if you own a heavy, bulky vehicle.

The high strength rating of brick-based driveway pavers ensures that they won’t crack or break under heavy loads, making them one of the most durable options. They’re relatively inexpensive and require minimal upkeep.

Concrete pavers

Concrete is one of the most popular choices for driveway paving stones. Builders will mix the concrete and mold it into the shape of bricks before laying them down on your driveway in a neat and cohesive pattern.

Concrete driveway pavers usually last longer than brick pavers and are as prone to flaking. They have a slightly lower strength rating of around 8,000 pounds per squat inch but are still a highly durable and reliable option. They’re also more affordable and economically friendly than brick pavers.

Permeable pavers

If sustainability is your top priority during your driveway renovation, permeable paving stones are probably your best choice. Their permeable nature allows water to drip through the paving stones to the ground underneath, where it can be drained away without damaging the pavers.

Because of their permeable properties, this type of paving stone is ideal if your driveway is prone to drainage issues or if you live in an area that receives a fair amount of rainfall each year. They will naturally drain water away from your home, so you don’t need to deal with the issue yourself.

Permeable pavers look great and are available in a range of colors and styles. Despite being more sustainable, they cost around the same amount as the lesser eco-friendly options.

Stone pavers

You might have heard of the term ‘cobblestones’ (or sometimes just the word ‘cobbles). This term refers to pavers produced from natural stone, and this type of driveway paver is one of the most durable options.

There is a wide range of natural stones that you can choose from when renovating your driveway, including limestone, slate, granite, and flagstone. However, some are less prone to wear and tear than others, so consider this when choosing which type of stone that you’d like for your driveway.

A stone driveway won’t be as smooth and sleek as one comprising brick, concrete, or permeable paving stones. However, the cobblestones provide a rustic and quirky look that is highly appealing to many people.

Driveway Pavers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Driveway Pavers

Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when you’re finding the best driveway paving stones for your home.

Total cost and budget

Different types of paving stones come with different price tags. Your budget and the cost per square inch of paving stone are two vital factors to consider for your renovation, so you don’t overspend.

Appearance and style

You’ll want your driveway to look cohesive with the rest of your home. Consider the design of each type of driveway paver, as well as the unique colors, patterns, and lines that you want.

Durability and vehicle weight

All paving stones are designed with durability in mind, but some are more long-lasting than others. If you’ll be using your driveway a lot and you have a heavy vehicle, choose the most durable option you can find.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Most paving stones require minimal upkeep and maintenance work. However, it’s still something to keep in mind. Generally, concrete pavers are the easiest to maintain out of all the available paving stone materials.

Environmental factors and sustainability of materials

If sustainability is important to you, consider the eco-friendliest option, such as permeable driveway stones.

Planning permission

In some areas, you need planning permission to renovate your driveway. You might also need an evaluation to ensure that your new driveway complies with drainage and sewer laws.

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