Upside Down House In Szymbark, Poland

Strange Building Upside Down House In Szymbark, Poland

An Architectural Anomaly: The Upside Down House, Szymbark, Poland

One finds an extraordinary piece of architecture in the small village of Szymbark in Northern Poland. The Upside Down House, a symbol of avant-garde architecture and iconic mastery defying gravity and traditional norms, challenges our perception of space and form; this tower stands as a curious yet complex marvel that attracts tourists worldwide.

The Upside Down House In Szymbark, Poland

Daniel Czapiewski, an innovative businessman and philanthropist, conceived this extraordinary house; a traditional architect still needs to originate it. Instead, the structure sprang from the imagination of a visionary man intent on symbolizing Poland’s tumultuous communist era. The exceptional project commenced in 2007, opening its doors to public access later that year. The seemingly chaotic design of the structure conceals meticulous engineering: an arrangement that guarantees sturdiness and safety for its visitors.

Unlike any traditional dwelling, the Upside Down House of Szymbark inversely balances on its roof with the gabled ends pointing skyward. Clad in typical Polish timber cladding, a paradoxical exterior that presents a quaint cottage feel yet remains peculiar due to its orientation. Moreover, it continues this topsy-turvy narrative through inverted windows and doors; however, they echo traditional architecture charmingly without diminishing their charm.

When you step inside, an eerily familiar yet disorienting world welcomes you. The house’s fully furnished interior with upside-down furniture and household appliances, adheres to a wholly inverted theme. Further reinforcing its peculiarity is the upside-down nature of its interior decoration, even down to the cutlery in kitchen drawers and artwork askew on walls. Navigating the space presents a challenge: each step is a test of balance and perception; indeed, the steep angle of the floor complicates even simple movements.

Upside Down House In Szymbark, Poland

With a floor area of approximately 114 square meters, the Upside Down House surprises with its compactness, yet its imposing stance is lent to the structure by its height – around 9 meters. The purpose primarily serves as a thought-provoking tourist attraction, not residential. Aiming to reflect the chaos and upheaval that characterized Poland’s post-Communist era, this endeavor encapsulates a society in disarray: an environment where previously established social and political norms have been completely upended.

The Upside Down House nestles amidst Szymbark’s green expanses at the Centre of Education and Region Promotion. Szymbarskich Zakladnikow 12 in Poland’s 83-323 district. Czapiewski, funding this project through his flourishing furniture company, kept the exact cost of constructing The Upside Down House private.

The Upside Down House, operating similarly to typical tourist attractions despite its unconventional design, welcomes visitors from 9 AM to 6 PM every day of the week. Still, it’s advised that one consults either their official website at or reaches out via phone at +48 605 570 637 for updated information.

The narrow, steeply slanted floors intensify the experience with an additional layer of disorientation. Each step challenges balance and perception; it is akin to treading on a house’s ceiling, a delightful but mind-boggling twist.

Further Information On The Upside Down House

Date Construction started: 2007

Date Opened: 2007

Cost of building: N/A

Architect: Daniel Czapiewski

Architectural style: Upside-down house

Size or floor area: 114 square meters

Height: 9 meters

Function or purpose: Entertaiment

Address: Szymbarskich Zakladnikow 12 Szymbark, 83-323 Poland

Phone number: +48 605 570 637


Opening hours: Daily 10:00-16:00

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