Brooklyn Beckham’s New $10.5 Million House In Beverly Hills Is Stunning

Brooklyn Beckham And Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn and Nicola have shown unconventional signs of commitment in the past when they wore each other’s gold-plated wisdom teeth. But as of late, they chose a more conventional way of displaying their loyalty to each other. Recently, they bought a $10.5-million, 7,700-square-foot home in Beverly Hills.

In this post, we’ll take a tour of the couple’s abode hoping to get some inspiration from their home design stylebook.

Brooklyn Beckham’s House Cost and Size

Based on the listings, the property costs $9.5 million. But the lovely estate was in such high demand that the couple added $1 million to the original price. The home has 5 bedrooms, a rooftop terrace, 5.5 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a juice bar, and a yoga room.

The property stands out in the current real estate market in Beverly Hills because of its color scheme, furnishings, and other amenities. The couple also added some of their unique personal touches to make their abode truly personal and intimate.

Style and Color Scheme

The lovely property was built and designed by Sonya and Jason Powell of the James Group. It was developed by Micah McDonald. According to the listings, it boasts a museum-like design with rounded transitions and smooth lines following the feng shui principles of balance.

The property also follows an open floor plan, which makes the place easily navigable. The couple’s effortlessly chic style was clearly manifested in their preference for a minimalist and monochrome interior. The living room, for example, follows a neutral theme with its marble surround, cream walls, and white carpets.

Brooklyn Beckham’s House Features and Amenities

Although it’s the young Beckham couple’s starter home, the place never lacks style. The house is also designed with security and function in mind. These are the property’s stand out features:

Decorative Crystals

The couple added smoky quartz crystals to different areas of the home. These are placed on built-in shelves or hung on walls and ceilings. Crystals could be found both inside and outside the home. The foyer, for instance, features a quartz crystal placed on a pedestal. Gem spiritualists believe that these beautiful stones can help fight negativity, depression, and fear.

Huge Doors And Windows

The home’s open floor plan already makes the area look more spacious. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows were added to allow more natural light and outdoor scenery.


The couple might have chosen to follow a minimalist home design stylebook. But they’ve carefully chosen their furnishings to ensure these will add elegance and art to their home. They have a modern glass coffee table with a candle holder in the center. Over the staircase, they also hung a modern chandelier. The kitchen has glossy cabinetry and gold-and-white orb lights for accents. The breakfast nook and bar also come with comfy and stylish seating.

Entertainment Areas and Appliances

Brooklyn and Nicola are both artists. So, they make sure their home is fitted with amenities for entertainment, as well as those that could help them hone their craft. Of course, they have the basic TV set, which was installed on the wall above the lit fire. Then, they also have a projector-based private theater, which can be seen from the juice bar. The theater has darkened sliding glass doors to keep the space private during their movie marathon sessions.

Master Suite

The couple’s master suite is huge. The 2,000-square-foot space has an office space, a fireside seating area, a balcony, a large spa-like bath with dual vanities, a sauna, a soaking tub, a beverage cooler, a wet bar, and a designer showroom closet.

Indoor Living Areas

The indoor living areas exude elegance and functionality. The sitting room is located on the right side of the main entry. And it’s fitted with a built-in TV and fireplace. The kitchen is located to the left of the foyer. The juice bar with a sitting room sits near the spiral staircase in the foyer. The private theater is also nearby. The main bedroom has sliding glass doors that lead to the outdoors. The living room has a linear fireplace and an all-white gourmet eat-in kitchen.

Outdoor Living Areas

The outdoor living area is designed to be functional and conducive to entertainment. The property has a deck with a circle made of gravel with a labyrinth pattern. This area is meant for yoga and meditation. And it’s surrounded by a Zen rock garden. The backyard has a fire pit, spa, a saltwater pool, and a patio that sits next to the alfresco dining. A pizza and barbecue oven are also available for use. Beyond the foyer sits the sitting room, which is enclosed in glass and can double up as a covered patio. The home also has a roof deck with an extra dining room and lounge seating.

Fitness And Relaxation Rooms

Nicola and Brooklyn also make sure to equip their home with top-of-the-line fitness equipment. Aside from the yoga and meditation area, they also have a gym, a wood sauna, a soaking tub, and a healing and massage room.

Nicola and Brooklyn are still in their twenties. And who knows how many properties they’ll be able to buy someday. Nevertheless, their starter home in Beverly Hills is perfect for their new family.

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