Buying Luxury Home in Pace

Luxury Home

Buying a home is like a dream come true for most homeowners. Whether you are buying a home in Pace for investment or taking residence, selecting the right property is important. Further, the joy of becoming a homeowner becomes priceless when you get a waterfront property in a beautiful place like Pace. Sounds interesting?

About Pace Real Estate

Pace was once a small rural community. However, this place has experienced a lot of growth in the commercial and real estate market over time. Situated in Santa Rosa County, this quaint town has grown exponentially into a flourishing Pensacola suburb. This has created a lot of opportunities for homebuyers in this region. Pace dominates the real estate market, including waterfront homes, condos, etc. 

The waterfront homes in Pace are in huge demand due to this region’s massive growth. Homebuyers can choose from sizes ranging from 700 to over 6,300 square feet. They can find ample options to choose from depending on their taste and budget. Over the top, finding a luxury home is easier than ever. Thanks to the professional realtors in Pace. You can find several good options to help you get the best property at the best price. 

Type Of Residential Properties In Pace

When it comes to buying luxury homes in Pace, especially the waterfront ones, you usually have the following options:

Beach House

Thinking of waterfront property in Pace? A beach house is your best option. A beach house is utilized as a commercial (as holiday homes) and as residential property. You can find many options to buy on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. While the coastline is getting busier day by day, you should look for a beach house property in a quieter location, which is again easy to find. 



If you’re drawn to the idea of living in a luxurious waterfront property, Pace offers a diverse range of options, including breathtaking waterfront condos in Florida. Florida and California are the two hot spots for Condos/apartments. Buying condos on the beachside in Pace is extremely popular with retirees and young people. Usually, the communities are designed for a specific market demographic. 

Lake House

Ever fantasised living in a house on a lake? Indeed, it’s a dream of many. This beautiful and gentle way of life is quite a trend in Canada and the United States. Again lake houses are popularly in demand among the retirees. However, there’s an increasing trend for couples and young families who are interested in enjoying a simpler and slower pace of life outside the city. 

If you are interested in buying a lake house, there are several fantastic lakes across North America, including Lake Lanier in Georgia, Lake Chelan in Washington, and Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho. 

Rural House With Water

Buying a rural property with access to water can be both cheaper and a great way to improve your lifestyle. If you are good on a budget and can invest in remodelling, these are great investments to build a prospective property. However, be careful that you find a property with fresh, clean water where you can paddle, swim and enjoy with your loved ones. 

Why Choose Pace? 

Pace is one of the best places to live in Florida with thousands of residents calling it their ideal home. By living in Pace, you get a peaceful rural feel close to nature. The region is home to several best-performing schools, law enforcement agencies, recreational public parks, good health centres, and more. It is also backed by a unique history and boasts a high-quality life in the best way. 

Strolling on white sandy beaches and enjoying the beautiful emerald waters – All this makes people fall in love with the serenity of this region. Hence, real estate properties are increasing in demand in this region. People residing here enjoy the slower pace of life this region offers along with all the benefits of a modern city. All this makes Pace one of the most desirable places in Florida. 

Handing over keys to a house

Further, the city is located close to Pensacola and Milton. With its connectivity with numerous neighbourhoods and small subdivisions, Pace is the most preferred area in the northwest parts of the city. Also, the housing prices are really affordable here. The median house prices in Pace start at $245,934, which means buying homes in Pace is less expensive compared to the US (where the median price is $376,286).

Some of the most popular neighbourhoods of the Pace region are Stonebrook Village, Brentwood, Tamrell Forest subdivisions, Woodbine Farms, Cross Roads, Covington Wood, Oak Leigh Place,  North Harbour, Copperfield, and Twelve Oaks Place. All these places make living in Pace convenient and tranquil. 

Four Luxury Home Buying Tips You Need to Know

Whether you are buying your first-ever luxury home or adding another to the portfolio, find what you need to know below.  

1. Understand The Purchasing Process 

A crucial first step when buying a property. More so when purchasing a luxury property. Houses like these can be costly. Make sure you understand what you are paying and where your money will be going.  

Make a note of the costs associated with buying a house, which you are liable to pay. Calculate the overall costs as soon as possible.  

Ensure you have a clear understanding of the process from start to finish. Enlist the services of a real estate agent to navigate you through the buying process.  

You will need a mortgage to afford a luxury home. Understand what your future mortgage payments will be and how you will afford them.  

Check your credit score before putting down an offer. Lower mortgage payment interest with a high credit score and save yourself thousands of dollars over time. Utilize services provided by The Home Loan Expert to check this information and more.  

Luxurious living room

2. Know The Amenities You Want 

Luxury homes provide amenities that the standard home does not. Know what you want and conduct your home search using this information.  

Home theaters and entertainment systems, swimming pools, and smart home devices are standard amenities you expect to find in luxury homes. Check these are in full working order also.  

Make a note of the amenities that are a priority for you, alongside those that are not. Luxury housing markets are not saturated with buyers. You will need to know what you want and act quickly not to miss out.  

3. Consider Resale Value and Opportunities 

Not an initial consideration, but one that should be noted. Consider the resale value of the property while you are viewing it.  

Take note of external factors and circumstances that could decrease the value of your luxury home. The location of a property and the condition are significant factors that affect the value of a property.  

Choose an ideal location, and ensure the property is in top condition. This ensures you get the most for your money and that the property’s value remains high over time.  

Luxurious bedroom

4. Be Reasonable 

Know your budget throughout and consider the possibility of anything going wrong in the future. You want the funds to solve any of these issues.  

Reason with the realtor and come to a compromise. They can assist you in finding a luxury home you feel comfortable affording. You can have funds left over at the end of the process too.  


If you are planning to buy a luxury home in Pace, Fl, you are making the right decision. It makes a perfect place to reside if you want to enjoy a higher quality of life with the utmost luxury and safety in the region. Find a reliable real estate company in the region and start looking for the best deal. 

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