Buying Property in Dubai From A Developer: Benefits For The Investor

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Dubai is a dynamically developing metropolis recognized worldwide as a haven for investors. It is unsurprising that more and more people want to buy real estate here every year.

From the point of view of the buyer of real estate, whether it is an end consumer who intends to use the purchased property for personal interests or an investor who plans to resell the property or rent it out. The most attractive investment option is to buy real estate directly from the leading real estate companies in Dubai.

Main advantages

One of the most important benefits of purchasing real estate in Dubai from a developer is financial accessibility – the buyer may not pay the entire required amount at a time but pay in installments throughout the whole construction period, as well as after the building is put into operation.

Speaking about the economic benefits of purchasing property in Dubai from a developer, the absence of various kinds of intermediaries significantly reduces the sale value of such properties. At the same time, the value of investment property after its commissioning, as a rule, increases by at least 20%, which creates favorable conditions for the subsequent resale of the object or its leasing.

Moreover, when buying property in Dubai from a developer, the client is freed from the need to interact with banks and pay a solid down payment – as a rule, this is exactly the requirement that banks impose on persons applying for a mortgage loan. Dubai banks impose rather strict requirements on foreign mortgage borrowers, so in this case, it is advisable to contact the developer directly when buying foreign real estate.

Buying real estate under construction, among other things, allows the investor to choose the most suitable type of object (premises) for him in terms of layout, floor, specifications, view from windows, etc. Moreover, for many buyers, an indisputable advantage is that this object was not previously owned by anyone, which means that it is in its original form and does not require additional efforts for renovation and modernization. By the way, using more modern technologies, progressive engineering solutions, and environmentally friendly building materials also favorably distinguishes buildings under construction from objects in operation for over a dozen years.

Investment Advantages of real estate 

Dubai’s real estate investment environment is much more attractive.

  • The dynamics of prices in the real estate market of the emirate, despite some slowdown in 2014, remains optimistic.
  • Demand for all types of real estate for rent is growing steadily.
  • Profitability indicators have record values in comparison with the average world values.
  • Liquidity indicators tend to the maximum level.
  • Direct interaction with the developer allows you to acquire housing in Dubai or commercial properties profitably.

UAE development companies offer discounts, installments, and other attractive conditions for potential buyers. For example, Dubai’s largest hotel real estate developer offers a free tour to view the property the investor plans to invest in. If objects are purchased at the first stages of projects, then the price of real estate can be half the market value after commissioning. The installment period for real estate in Dubai from the developer can be several years. Usually, it is equal to the period during which construction is underway. Developers guarantee investors the timeliness of the commissioning of the facility and the compliance of the commissioned real estate with project documentation. Dubai legislation provides strict requirements for developers, so they are responsible for the real estate quality and the project’s timing.


UAE government developers

The main share of the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates today belongs to state and semi-state developers – Nakheel, Emaar, Dubai Properties, and Meraas. Their projects are mainly located in Dubai – the main construction center in the UAE and the world stage. Developers are also active in Abu Dhabi and other countries within the framework of international projects.

Nakheel Properties

Founded in 2000, real estate developer Nakheel is part of Dubai World, an investment company owned by the Government of Dubai. Sheikh, a ruling family member, is the chief executive officer. To ensure the efficient functioning of the developer’s activities, Nakheel Asset Management was created – an asset management company that services any units sold by Nakheel.

The possibility of obtaining a residence permit for the purchase of a real estate in Dubai

This is another reason to choose an apartment for sale in Dubai. Owners of housing stock worth USD 204,000 or more can apply for a three-year visa.

Buyers of units with a price of USD 547,000 can obtain a ten-year visa. While maintaining property ownership, these visas can be repeatedly extended.

Help for investors from a real estate agency in Dubai

Before purchasing a housing stock, it is worth deciding not only on the project’s budget but also on the goals. You can plan short-term and long-term investments. In the first case, investing in property for sale off-plan in Dubai makes sense. At the stage of the start of sales, the housing stock prices are an order of magnitude lower than at the time of delivery. The price difference can reach several tens of percent; the final rates depend on the specific object. Long-term investments allow you to receive income from renting out apartments. In this case, it is worth considering areas popular among tourists.

The real estate agency will help you choose the right housing option in Dubai for any purpose. In the catalog, you can find completed and off-plan projects in Dubai. You just need to contact the expert from the company and he will do everything for you.

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