Comprehensive Guide on Storing Furniture in a Shipping Container

Shipping Containers

If you have unused furniture but want to keep them for the future, furniture storage is the best idea for you. It is also one of the best things for you to free up space and keep unused furniture as secure for a long time as you want. If you want to know further benefits of furniture storage then this article will be helpful for you.

What is furniture storage?

Storage means preserving or saving something. Here, we are talking about furniture storage so which means storing unused furniture in a storage unit. It means storing larger household things like beds, tables, and furniture items in your storage room or unit.

Advantages of furniture storage

Furniture storage is very beneficial these days for people. Some of its major benefits of it are mentioned below:

  • Store Items

If your furniture items are not in use then you can keep them safe by storing them. Furniture storage services are the best idea to store your furniture. It makes your furniture safe and avoids it from decaying.

  • Free Up Space

Saving space is one of the major advantages of the furniture store. Some people have small houses and rooms that are not appropriate for holding unutilized furniture items. Therefore, furniture storage is the best solution for them if they want to keep their unutilized furniture for a long time without being worried about space.

  • Furniture Safety

Furniture storage services ensure to hold your furniture safely. Therefore, you can keep your unutilized furniture items securely using a furniture storage service. You can hold your furniture for the future and for when you need it. If you want to keep saving your unutilized furniture items then furniture storage is the best option for you.

  • Maintenance

One of the major benefits that a furniture storage service provides is easy maintenance of the furniture. It will not only hold your unutilized item safely but also keep them maintain, dust-free, and rust-free. They avoid your furniture from decay and damage. Therefore, you can easily keep your unutilized furniture maintained and fresh as long as you want.

Is it even possible to store furniture in a shipping container?

Yes, storing furniture inside shipping container is possible. In fact, many businesses and households have been utilizing it for such. A shipping container is perfect for storing furniture because it is strong and hardy. Apart from wooden furniture, shipping containers can also efficiently store the following:

a. antique

b. electronics

c. equipment

d. cushions

You need to take note of the following though:

1. You need to consider environmental factors. Your furniture can suffer from damage if it encounters mold build-up and rot inside a shipping container.

2. Your goods should be stored in the best conditions possible. A shipping container will end up not helping you if you would have it placed in a damp garage or a shed with holes in the walls.

If you’re storing and packing high quality furniture, you’ll need to take extra special care to pack carefully using lots of soft packing materials. 

What are the recommended shipping container sizes and dimensions for storing furniture?

1. 10-foot container: for regular items and furniture

2. 20-foot container: big furniture and vehicles

3. 40-foot container: perfect for living space

3 Important Things to Do Before Storing Furniture in a Shipping Container

Once you’ve decided to use a shipping container as storage for your furniture, you need to strictly secure that you do the following prior usage:

1. Ensure Proper Insulation

When buying a shipping container, you can either opt for one that already comes with insulation or one where you have to install the insulation yourself. If you have no experience whatsoever in managing shipping containers or installing insulation, it will be easier if you’d purchase one that is already insulated.

Know that each shipping container is uniquely coated with a different treatment to survive prolonged exposure to the sea. When looking for one, you should inquire about the kind of treatment that a shipping container has. Secure that your shipping container provider knows that you are to store furniture and that you are to be given shipping containers with coat treatments that are compatible with the kind of furniture that you will store.

Opting for a used shipping container will require you to have it painted. The painting should not be done haplessly as you should duly contact the shipping container provided beforehand. You need to first inquire about the kind of paint that they used and that you could use. For this, you will need to provide the shipping container’s number. It is only when you’ve dealt with paint that you can duly proceed with insulation.

Insulation is important because it will stabilize the temperature inside the shipping container. The easiest form of insulation can be done with the use of foam. You can also use foil board insulation.

2. Prevent Moisture at All Costs

Furniture can store excess moisture so that makes storing them in shipping containers particularly tricky. Doing nothing about it would lead to the damage, and even loss, of your furniture. It’s a good thing that you can easily get control of this if you’d use cat litter.

Cat litter is a fantastic desiccant. This is because it can easily absorb moisture that builds up in any space. How do you do this though? Well, just do the following:

1. Get a bag of cat litter

2. Open the bag of cat litter

3. Have it placed in the middle of your shipping containers

Apart from cat litter, you can also use desiccant bags. A desiccant bag that is filled with silica is non-toxic and water-soluble. It can easily remove excess moisture when placed inside a shipping container.

PRO TIP: If you have to store a mattress in a shipping container, do ensure that it is placed in a bag. This will allow for more space in your shipping container—the bigger the extra space, the lesser the chances of having to deal with condensation issues.

3. Weather-proof the Roof

You should ensure that your shipping container’s roof is in top condition. It should be weather-proof. It should also undergo regular maintenance. Do the following to ensure the sturdy and pristine condition of your shipping container’s roof:

i. Exclusively deal with reputable suppliers

You should only purchase used shipping containers from reputable providers. Do extensive quality check by inquiring on the following: history, modification requirements, and historical damage.

ii. Weight on the roof

Do not put excessive weight on the roof of your container. If you can, don’t put anything at all. Merely walking across it can cause damage if you won’t be careful. If you must store anything heavy on it, you need to ensure that the roof is reinforced.

iii. Water on the roof

You should always remove rainwater from your shipping container’s roof. Such must be done as such can cause rust and even leakages.

iv. Regular cleaning

You should regularly clean your shipping container with mild detergent and anti-mildew products. You should use a hose or a brush to make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easier.

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