Find The Best Tips For Maintaining Your Water Heater

Water Heater

Do you regularly maintain your electrical household appliances? Your water heater also needs upkeep, and you need to call a plumber from Plumbing Express to secure its smooth functioning. On the hot summer days, most homeowners overlook the need to maintain their water heaters. But some people want warm, comfortable showers throughout the years. However, summer is the perfect time to check the functional aspect of your water heater. To avoid minimal disruption, you can find some water heater maintenance tips.

Inspect your water heaters

It may take time to check your water heater and its components thoroughly. However, regular inspection is important to identify potential problems in the water heater. It will be easier to repair the minor issues of the unit. Make sure that the heater will continue functioning efficiently and properly.

Flush the system every year

It is essential to drain the water heating system every year. You should clean out the tank’s interior and remove the sediment’s buildup. Although sediment does not damage the appliance, it has an influence on the efficiency of the system. Before draining the water heater, you should shut off the source of power and water. Fit a hose to your appliance and drain the water from your tank. But, ensure that the water is cool before dealing with the heater. Never turn on the water heating system until you have filled it. It may cause strain on the appliance’s components.

Insulate your water tank

Tank insulation is highly beneficial to your water heater. It will reduce energy costs and make the machine long-lasting. An insulated tank ensures that heat will not escape it. So, your water heater will not need to put much effort into heating your water. Moreover, it will consume minimal energy, and you will save on your utility bill. As the tank will experience less strain, it will last longer.

Check if the anode rode needs replacement

Every water heater has a significant component known as the anode rod. However, you should replace it after every 5 years. The rod may experience corrosion and wear away in due course. Corrosive minerals will have an adverse effect on the tank’s interior. Ensure that the rod is functioning well to safeguard your appliance. 

Control temperature

Many water heaters are designed to work at a particular temperature, which is higher than the desired level. But it will be risky because the water will become excessively hot for your use. So, you should lower the temperature and avoid injury or burn.

Water Heater Tank

Consider insulating your pipes

Insulation is important not just for your water heater tank. Your pipes must be insulated. It is especially essential in the colder months. Lower temperatures may cause risk to your pipes. Insulated pipes will prevent freezing issues, and you can avoid the risk of burst pipes. There are several ways to insulate your pipes and ensure protection.

The air intake filter needs replacement

Modern tankless water heating systems come with air intake filters. The best filters will prevent dirt from entering your appliance. However, you should regularly replace the filter to maintain normal functioning.

Inspect the pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve integrated into the water heater needs a thorough test. The main function of the valve is to release the buildup pressure inside the water heater. Insert a bucket beneath the pipe fitted to the valve. After placing the bucket, the lever needs to be lifted.  If the valve has no issue, water will flow and stop smoothly after lowering the lever. On the contrary, when water does not flow the desired way, the valve needs replacement. 

Maintain the water heater depending on its model

Some homeowners have chosen instant water heaters installed near the shower or sink to supply hot water. As these water heater models work with compact tanks, they are best for high-rise buildings and small apartments. There are also electric storage water heating systems ensuring easy maintenance. You must inspect their heating elements to find corrosion signs.

If you have a tankless water heater, it needs maintenance to check efficiency. This appliance has a risk of mineral buildups that affect performance. So, the tankless model needs to be flushed regularly. 

Hire plumbers for professional inspection

Although you should check the water heater on your own, professional maintenance is highly important. Certified plumber in Sarasota has the knowledge and experience to identify potential issues. Effective water heater maintenance will prevent complicated issues from affecting the function of the system. Moreover, plumbers know about every type of water heater. That is why they can provide the best service for plumbing systems and water heaters. You may also ask your plumber to check other plumbing fixtures. Proper water heater maintenance will save you from replacing the appliance within a short time.

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