Enhance Your Guests’ Experience With These Important House Additions

Bed With Flowers On A Nightstand

Whether you regularly welcome friends and family to stay or have your home listed on a short-term rental platform, you’ve likely wondered how you could make your guests’ visits extra special. A private room with bedroom furniture is the bare minimum, but there’s so much more you could be doing. Strive for those coveted five-star reviews by exploring these important house additions below: 

High-Quality Bedding

A restful night’s sleep in an unfamiliar environment isn’t always guaranteed, but quality bedding may improve the chances. Choose something like Quince bamboo bedding paired with a comfortable mattress, and guests can enjoy restful sleep throughout their stay. 

Best of all, high-quality bedding tends to be harder-wearing. While you might pay more initially, it may last longer for a lower cost-per-sleep. Guests who have had a restful night’s sleep might be more eager to return than those who haven’t. 

Accessible Features

Everyone deserves to stay in high-quality accommodation, no matter their abilities. If you’re planning on listing your accommodation on a short-term rental platform, consider undertaking renovations for accessibility. 

Ramps for entry, wide doorways and hallways, and wet-floor showers with railings are just a few of the many modifications that can be worth making. However, if you’re unsure about the best renovations to make, talk to someone in charge of your chosen short-term accommodation platform. They will likely have a list of features they recommend for ensuring your property is entirely accessible. 

Night Lights

Whether you have a guest room in your home for friends and family or are renting out an entire house on a short-term rental platform, you may see the value in installing night lights. Waking up in an unfamiliar bedroom can sometimes be overwhelming for some people.

Having night lights in bedrooms and hallways may make a difference. Plug-in models can be preferred since guests have the freedom to switch them off if they don’t need them. Alongside night lights, ensure your guest rooms have bedside lamps. These can be helpful for guests to find their way to bed in the dark and partake in a bit of night reading before going to sleep. 

A Work Zone

Not everyone books short-term rentals or guest rooms for leisure. Some people are required to be away from home for work reasons. Cater to your business guests by creating a dedicated work zone. A desk with cable management, a comfortable chair, power outlets, and internet access are the most important features to have. You might even be one step closer to achieving that five-star review by placing a coffee machine within easy reach. 

A Complimentary Mini Bar

Whether you have friends or family to stay or are a short-term rental host, don’t overlook the value of a complimentary mini-bar. A small refrigerator in a bedroom stocked up with inexpensive treats, snacks, and drinks can be well-received by all who come to stay. 

Mini Bar

Easy-Clean Furniture

Guests can spill drinks and drop food, leaving stains and marks on soft furnishings and furniture. Over time, your guest room or house can start to look unclean, even if you take care of messes and marks in a timely manner. 

Anything that makes a guest space look unclean may impact your guest ratings. As a result, investing in easy-clean furniture can be worthwhile. Genuine leather sofas and laminate and vinyl flooring look smart in any home and are easy-care. Most spills and accidents can be cleaned up without lasting marks or imperfections. 

A Clutter-Free Room

Many homeowners have a spare room that becomes the dumping ground for odds and ends. While having such a room is convenient, it may be uncomfortable for guests that come to stay. Not having room to move around their room or display their own personal possessions freely might mean they don’t enjoy their stay as much as they could. 

If you want to enhance your guests’ experience, declutter your spare room and depersonalize it. This may mean you spend time emptying drawers and closets for guests to use during their stay. You might also streamline the room with fewer pieces of furniture to ensure a more open and relaxing space. 

Welcome Gifts

Depending on why your guests are staying and how long they’re staying, welcome gifts can undoubtedly enhance their experience. A gift basket of goodies or even a complimentary bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates can go a long way toward making your guests feel welcome. If you’re having guests staying in your own home, you may decide to take a similar approach. A few wrapped chocolates on the pillows can make your guests feel like they’re staying in a luxury five-star hotel. 

Contact Information

Short-term rental home providers often cater to tourists who are new to certain areas. They are there to see the sights and enjoy the best of what the town or city has to offer. You might be able to enhance your guests’ experience by providing contact information for some of the best attractions in your area, such as websites and phone numbers.

If you can get brochures from attractions, consider displaying these in your rental home for convenience. It’s also important to include contact information for whoever is in charge of your home in case guests have any questions or concerns. 

A few simple changes and additions can make a world of difference to the average short-term rental or guest bedroom. Start with some of those listed above, and you may be on your way to achieving glowing reviews before long. 

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