Marble Tray Must-Haves For Your Kitchen

Marble Tray Must-Haves For Your Kitchen

Marble has recently made a comeback in interior design, and designers use it in many ways to create impactful kitchens. On many homeowner’s wish lists, it is a timeless material that will never lose popularity. However, considering that a marble backsplash can cost anywhere from $600 to $6,000, depending on how much marble is being used and labor costs, many homeowners are opting for using marble as a focal point. Since marble mixes so well with other materials, small marble items like an accent table or vase can have an impact. In the kitchen, a single marble tray on your kitchen island topped with a lush potted plant adds character to the space. As décor, marble boards in different sizes and colors, either hanging on the kitchen wall or displayed on the countertop create an elegant space in the heart of your home.

There are many marble tray designs to choose from, from simple flat oval platters to trays with elegant metal handles. You can buy charcuterie board trays in a variety of marble colors. With the current trend of using natural, organic materials in home decor, marble and wood trays are also popular choices. For those who enjoy hosting gatherings at home, there’s no denying that a marble tray beautifully presents everything from cheese to crudités to charcuterie.

Charcuterie Board With Vegetables

Charcuterie Board Building Tips

If you’re a first-time builder, building a charcuterie board is a lot like building a home. It has to start with a good foundation and a marble charcuterie board is the perfect base.

1. Place the marble tray on a workspace with enough room to maneuver and start building.

2. Add some structure to your board by adding a few little dishes. If you want to add olives to your board, choose little glass bowls to fill with assorted olives. Little dishes are also ideal for dips and spreads. As you continue creating your charcuterie board, you’ll find the dishes come in handy for propping up cheese, cured meats, and other foods.

3. Start with adding foods with the most volume, which is usually cheese. Choose cheeses that vary in flavor and texture. The goal is to please different palates and still allow some room for experimentation.

4. Buy charcuterie board produce that is in season, including fruits and vegetables. Along with fresh-tasting fruit, add some starches. This would include crusty bread or crackers.

5. Add the meat. As with all your other ingredients, the amount of different cured meats you include will depend on the size of your board and the size of your group. In general, charcuterie pros suggest following the 3-3-3-3 rule, which calls for 3 kinds of cheese, 3 types of meat, 3 starches, and 3 accoutrements.

6. Your board should be getting full now, so you’ll just need to add some fillers. These can include berries and nuts. The key is to make your charcuterie board look abundant and attractive.

7. The last step will be to fill those bowls you placed on the board with salty elements like olives and dips.

Charcuterie Board With Fruits And Vegetables

Charcuterie board trends

Charcuterie boards are the ultimate party appetizer. For one, they allow guests to mingle and chat while selecting and enjoying delicious bites. Creating a charcuterie board is an excellent way to showcase your culinary creativity and impress your guests. For those who love to try new ways, here are some new twists to the traditional charcuterie board:

Dessert charcuterie boards: If you love living life on the sweet side, a delicious dessert board is definitely for you. Fill it with cookies, chocolates, candy-coated nuts and more!

Brunch boards: Move over butter board and make room for the brunch board. Top a marble tray with bagels on one end and quiche on the other, with plenty of bacon strips in between. There are so many ways to create a delicious brunch board using your favorite brunch foods.

French fry platters: French fries are a favorite and this new twist on the charcuterie board features an assortment of fries. From waffle fries to sweet potato fries, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into French fry heaven. The secret is providing an assortment of sauces, dips, and of course, gravy to dip your fries in!  

Crudités boards: The word “crudité” (pronounced “crew-de-teh”) is a French word that means “raw things”. These vegetable platters include fresh vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces and served with dips and sauces. With the trend towards healthier eating, it’s a great idea to have at least one marble tray serving crudités to your guests. The key is to buy charcuterie board produce as close to the event as possible for the freshest tasting veggies. 

Charcuterie Board With Cheese And Bread

Why a charcuterie board is the best choice for your next gathering

Cheese and charcuterie boards have risen to stardom and are perfect for enjoying as a couple or hosting a group of friends. Here are some reasons charcuterie boards are so popular:

They are easy and fun to prepare!

Budget-friendly. You can buy charcuterie board supplies at your local grocery, so they are practical and inexpensive.

Visual appeal. Served on a beautiful marble tray, sweet and savory treats are visually appealing. As the host, you get to get in touch with your creative side.

Great conversation starters. As guests sample cheeses and nibbles, they will likely share opinions and chat about what they enjoyed the most. 

Suitable for any occasion. From casual family gatherings to formal parties, cheese and charcuterie boards are suitable for various events.

Conclusion Charcuterie boards offer endless possibilities for sweet and savory treats. When you buy charcuterie board trays for your home, marble pieces are the perfect place to start. Marble exudes elegance in the home and the right marble tray will be a stunning decorative piece that you’ll want to keep on display, long after your guests have gone home.  

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