Essential Decorating Tips For A Stylish Family Home

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If you feel like your family home has become rather drab, cluttered, and uninspiring over the years, don’t despair. There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to give your home a quick makeover, and transform each room into a stylish and inviting space where you just love to be.

Intrigued? Read on for our top interior decorating tips for an effortlessly chic abode that can be achieved on a budget.

Glam Up Your Entrance

You may not realise it, but the way your entrance hall is decorated – or not – can have a profound impact on the way people feel when they step through the front door.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by tidying away any clutter and adding a stylish shoe cupboard and a console table. You can also hang mirrors on the walls, if your entryway is on the poky side, to create the illusion of more light and space, or opt for a few tasteful artworks.

The console table can be used to store your keys and other small essentials, and you can decorate it simply but tastefully with a decorative vase or pot plant or perhaps some framed family photos.

Refresh Your Bookcases

If you have several bookcases dotted around your home, you can liven them up with some thoughtfully added decorations or some innovative upcycling.

For instance, you can repaint lighter bookcases in rich dark wood hues for that old-fashioned library feel, and maybe even introduce a similarly painted ladder to help you reach your favourite tomes on the highest shelves.

Another simple way to update your bookcases is by colour-coordinating all of your books so they really stand out. If you have space on the shelves, you can also add some thoughtful touches to catch the eye, such as decorative vases, ornaments, picture frames, or even some trailing house plants in pretty painted pots.


Embrace Flower Power

Speaking of plants, a great way to add effortless beauty to any room is by filling with flowers. Not only will the colorful blooms and fragrant scents instantly revitalize the space, but you can also enjoy picking out different decorative vases, pots, and hangers to show off your floral delights to the greatest effect. You can get a wide variety of flowers from a calgary flower shop to suit your style and preferences.

Of course, plants can be expensive and some species can be more high-maintenance than others, so if you are keen to tap into the power of plants but you don’t have any green thumbs, you can opt for artificial replacements. These days, you can find an array of artificial plants that can often pass for their real-life counterparts. Simply give them a little dust now and then and they will freshen up your rooms for years to come.

Flowers On A Dining Table

Buy Bespoke For That Personal Touch

If you’re in the process of refurnishing your family home, and you want to introduce some more stylish pieces that evoke your personal tastes, the best option is to go bespoke. From bookcases and sideboards to dining room tables and even wardrobes, these days it’s a cinch to find customisable furnishings that match your vision for your home.

When it comes to the bedrooms, for instance, a furniture company such as Wow Beds specialize in providing an array of customizable sleeping options, from sleigh beds to divans and even simple but stylish beds for children.

Buying bespoke furniture items is a wonderful way to put your stamp on a place – and since you will probably using those furnishings for many years to come, it’s nice to have your own tastes and preferences reflected everywhere you look.

Wood Pallet Bed

Add A Lick Of Paint Or Create A Statement Wall

One of the easiest ways to refresh any room is by giving it fresh interior decorative paint. Over time, walls can become scuffed, marked and discoloured, and so can your furniture – particularly if you have children and pets running around.

Happily, all it takes is a pot of paint and a brush, and in just minutes you can update any space and make it look and feel like new.

Alternatively, if there is a particular room you would like to revamp, you may want to consider creating an accent wall to lift the whole space. Choose some sumptuous wallpaper that suits your taste and cover one wall from top to bottom for instant glam; or maybe even consider opting for a stunning mural. Not ready to commit to a feature wall? Opt for a quality customized canvas print of an important life event (e.g., your wedding day, the birth of your first child, or a memorable family vacation). It will instantly give the room a more homey vibe. Just remember, your statement wall will dominate the whole room, so you need to be careful when it comes to decorating it. Don’t choose a colour, design or image that you suspect you might dislike in six months!

How To Incorporate Metals In Your Home Decoration

Metal is one of the most versatile materials. It can create anything from cutlery to jewelry and even buildings. Metal is a popular choice for home decor because it is durable, easy to clean, and available in many different styles and colors.

You can use it as a decorative feature or an accent piece to add sparkle and shine to your home. If you’re planning to add metals to your home, here are some tips to help you do it the best way possible.

1. Start Small

Many people think that using metals in a home is a costly process. This is not true at all. You can start small with some simple steps. One of the best ways to incorporate metals into your home decor is by laser cutting metals and using them as small accents. Here’s a helpful laser cutting post if you’re interested in laser-cutting your metal.

Another way to subtly use metals in your home is by adding them to artwork, such as pictures or posters hanging on the walls. You can combine them with paintings on canvas hung over the fireplace mantle or other accent areas of your home where artwork is displayed prominently for all to see.

You can also find many metal lamps and tables at local furniture stores or online home decor shops. For example, if you have an iron bed frame, then it would look great with a metal lampshade. If you have glass-top tables, you can get metal table legs to give them flair and elegance.

Metals also make great accessories such as vases for flowers or plants around the house, clocks on walls or mantles, and wall sconces with candles inside them so that when turned on at night, they provide a soft light.

2. Choose A Dominant Metal

Choosing a dominant metal is one of the most crucial steps in choosing your home decor. It will determine the metal tone for most home decor items. Some of the common metals you can choose from are:

  • Bronze

Bronze has been a popular choice for years because it’s both easy to maintain and reasonably priced. It is also available in various colors and finishes, so there’s something for everyone. If you want an antique look, choose a bronze product that has been aged with a patina finish.

  • Copper

Copper is another popular choice because it’s rich in color, durable, and affordable. It’s also easy to maintain, making it ideal for those who prefer to spend less time caring for home decor items.

  • Gold

Gold can be used as an accent or primary color in your home decor scheme. Gold provides an elegant look that works well with many different interior design styles.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that’s great for outdoor projects. It’s also durable and resists weathering, making it perfect for use in various exterior decorations, including art displays, light installations, furniture pieces, and architectural accents.

  • Silver

Silver is an excellent metal for those who want an elegant and timelessly modern look. It works well with many different design styles and can be used to create accents in your home decor and larger pieces like artwork or furniture.

Once you’ve chosen your dominant metal, use it as an inspiration point when selecting other colors and materials for your home decoration project.

Kitchen Design With Metal Accents
A sleek, modern kitchen with high-tech appliances and metallic finishes, generative ai illustration

3. Mix And Match Metal Tones

You don’t have to stick with one type of metal when incorporating metals into your home decorating. Instead, use various types of metal in different rooms or on multiple pieces of furniture. This will help liven up any space and create a more exciting look that isn’t too matchy.

For example, you could use brass hardware on cabinets throughout the kitchen but then use silver accents on the backsplash tiles above the sink instead of all brass or silver accents throughout the kitchen area. You can also incorporate stainless steel table legs for a modern, durable touch, or choose brass or bronze for traditional elegance. Aluminum or chrome legs suit minimalist spaces, offering a chic, lightweight look. 

Mixing metals can also help make one piece stand out more than another, which is helpful if you want to draw attention to a specific spot in your room without being too overbearing about it.

4. Add Textures

A lot of people tend to think of metal as being cold and hard. However, many different textures can make metal look softer and more inviting.

You can use textures such as leather or velvet on the walls or furniture pieces in your home to incorporate metals into your interior design. The combination of leather and metal will give you a warm finish that will give your home an inviting look.

If you want to add more contrast to your room, use a metal that contrasts with other materials in the room. For example, if you have light walls and dark furniture, use dark metal like brass or nickel instead of copper or bronze, which would blend in with the other colors in the room.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, if your family home is in need of a revamp to transform it into a timeless haven for you and your loved ones, giving it a spruce-up needn’t be complicated or expensive. Using these simple and cost-effective suggestions, you can rejuvenate every room and enjoy a refreshed family home that lifts your spirits every time you walk through the front door.

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