Garden Ideas For Homeowners With Large Spaces

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Potential homebuyers have plenty of factors to consider, and one that’s high on the list is a garden. Having some form of private outdoor space is a massive plus for most buyers searching for their dream home.

When it comes to gardens, size does matter, and having a large garden can be one of the best assets for any property.

Anyone who’s got a large garden, or is about to get one by purchasing a new home with plenty of outside space, knows that the space is only useful if it’s well-laid out.

Designing a large garden can be a wonderful opportunity to create a beautiful and versatile outdoor space that suits your needs. You’ll have the opportunity to transform your space and make it perfect for your personal needs. However, you still need to make informed choices if you want to get the most out of your land.

Here are some simple ways you can optimise your large garden and transform it into a useful and beautiful space that you love spending time in.

Install A Temporary Structure

Consider adding semi-permanent structures to your outdoor space, such as a gazebo, greenhouse, or a garden shed. These not only serve practical purposes by offering storage solutions and shelter from the elements but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the garden. In small gardens, a temporary structure might take up a lot of valuable space, but for homeowners with plenty of land, you can consider a garden outbuilding to make your space more useful and give you additional storage solutions for all the outdoor equipment you might want to use.

Add A Water Feature

With plenty of space to use, you could consider adding a water feature, such as a small pond. Having a pond can be a great way to encourage wildlife into your garden and make it look naturally beautiful. Any pond needs a barrier to keep it safe and reinforce the ground around it, so consider surrounding your water feature with Gabion baskets to create a resilient wall. Fine Mesh Metals offers a wide range of Gabion baskets and stone fillers, and the baskets can be cut to size or adapted to fit pipes, making them ideal for use around ponds and water features. These rustic barriers look striking and make a change from traditional brick walls or paved pond barriers. Water features aren’t just beautiful but also practical, as they can attract birds and wildlife to your garden, so they’re worth considering, especially if you’re going for a traditional English garden look for your space.

Garden pond

Make A Path

Garden pathways not only serve as functional elements but also guide visitors through different sections of your garden, revealing the diverse range of plants and features that you’ve added to your outdoor space. When you’re creating a garden pathway, consider using similar stone to the Gabion baskets used to border your pond or the same ones as the walls in your garden, to create a cohesive look. Winding paths can be unique and inventive, so they’re worth considering. They do take up more room and require more skill to construct, but in a larger garden, a winding path can be striking to visitors as well as functional.

Think About Getting a Beehive

If you have a big garden, why not consider getting a beehive? This addition is good for the environment and great for your garden. By having a beehive, you’re helping bees stay healthy and alive. These bees, particularly the queen bee, can also help plants grow by pollinating them. This means your plants will be healthier and flower better. Plus, it’s really interesting to learn about how bees live and work, especially the queen bee who leads the hive. Just remember, bees should be treated with respect and care. Local beekeeping groups can teach you what you need to know and how to be safe around bees.

Plant Trees For Natural Beauty

Trees can take up a lot of space in your garden, but they’re a beautiful addition to any outdoor space and if you’ve got the room in your garden, they can be a great way to enhance its natural beauty. When selecting trees for your garden, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of your space, the climate, soil conditions, and maintenance requirements. You also need to consider the purpose you want the trees to serve, for example, shade, privacy, aesthetic appeal or to bear fruit. When choosing trees, consider hardy native varieties that will be able to survive and thrive in your garden’s ecosystem. Planting trees from a seed can mean it’ll be a decade or more before your tree is large enough to enjoy, so consider buying a fully-grown specimen and transporting it to your garden. You’ll then be able to enjoy it to the fullest from the beginning.

Garden With A Walk Way

Introduce Climbing Plants For Height

Climbing plants can be a beautiful and practical addition to a large garden, adding vertical interest, privacy, and creating layers in your landscape, particularly when viewed through an upper window in your home. As they’re natural and many popular varieties are native to this country, they’re also the perfect way to encourage insects to your space and make it eco-friendly without too much hassle and hard work. When you’re introducing climbing plants, you need to provide them with appropriate structures to climb, as well as regular pruning to maintain their shape and health. Give your plants something to hang onto, such as a trellis or fence, so that they can grow and transform your space with their luscious greenery. With the right selection and care, climbing plants can transform your large garden into a verdant paradise.

Consider Adding Statues And Art

Art isn’t just for hanging on walls: it can also be used in your garden to make a statement and set your outside space apart from the rest. Incorporating sculptures, art installations, and decorative structures within your garden adds an artistic touch and serves as focal points that draws the eye. There are many ways to use garden art to create an incredible outdoor space that you enjoy, so explore all the options and find statues or works of art that fit your tastes. When shopping for garden art, look at modern pieces as well as antique sculptures and think about what will work best with the look you’re going for in your garden.

Break Your Garden Up Into Separate Areas

With the addition of art, as well as natural features and plants, you might find that your space looks disjointed. To create a unique look and incorporate everything you’ve always wanted into your large garden, use your pathways, Gabion baskets and small shrubs to split the space up into different areas. One might be the space where you have your outdoor cooking equipment, while another might be the area where you keep everything that your kids like to play with. Another could be themed around your trees and plants, while there could even be a vegetable garden near to your water feature. By setting up separate areas in your garden, you can transform it and make a space that you and your entire household loves to spend time in. A garden that’s more modular is also easier to maintain than an open expanse of lawn and plants, so splitting up your space could save you time and effort in the long run.

Summing It All Up

Ultimately, a large garden is a canvas upon which you can express your creativity and design a space that aligns with your personal preferences and lifestyle. By incorporating a thoughtful combination of elements, you can create a truly remarkable garden that offers beauty, functionality, and a sanctuary for relaxation and connection with nature. So, unleash your imagination, plan meticulously, and enjoy the process of transforming your large garden into an oasis of tranquillity and natural beauty that you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years to come.

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