How to Choose the Best Company for Rent to Own Home Services

Rent to own

In recent years, house prices have started to skyrocket, making housing very unaffordable. To add fuel to the fire, renting services have also increased payments to capitalize on the situation. The best option for people is to invest in rent to own homes. This scheme allows you to lease a property you want to buy and pay monthly dues. Some of these dues will be counted as part of the purchase price. As the lease is about to expire, you can buy the house by paying the remaining costs. If you choose not to purchase it for some reason, there will be no legal obligation that will restrict you from moving. To go through this process, you will need the best services. Companies such as Stop Renting Perth provide you a complete package. These homes have many benefits. When taking the financial scenario after covid-19 into account, savings and investments will help the population recover.

Procedure for Applying for Rent to Own Homes

As they say, your decisions have the power to make or break you. To progress forward, you need to know the complete procedure to apply for this scheme.

  1. Go through your finances to see which houses you can afford. It allows you to ensure that you go over budget, and don’t go for a house you cannot pay for in the end.
  2. After you have created your budget, you can either connect with a real estate agent or let a service provider company take the reins for you.
  3. Our recommendation would be to contact a certified rent to own property service provider. They will guide you to meet potential sellers and negotiate deals for you. They will guide you through the legal proceedings as well. Even if your budget is on the lower side, they will build a customized plan for your development to bring you closer to buying your dream house.
  4. After all these proceedings are complete and the option fee is paid, you will be moved into your house. The lease will determine your rights to purchase the property. After it expires, you can choose to move or to buy the property without issues under the lease-option agreement.

The aspects you need to know before picking a service provider are discussed below. Our team arranged these features to help you get the best experience without any hitches.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Rent to Own Home Service Provider


When making such big life decisions, you need a reliable and credible company by your side. Their experience and their past progress will determine the probability of success for your case.  It is suggested you check their website beforehand to have a look at their company portfolio. Later, when meeting them, double-check any concerns or questions you have regarding their expertise.


Rent to own services come at a higher cost most of the time. When choosing a team of homeownership experts, consider their costs. Good services do not come for free, but they do need to fall within your budget. Reasonable budgets will give you some peace of mind throughout the process.


It would help if you went through their portfolio of sales to check their progress. That, too, will determine their output and reliability. If you have any questions during this process, you can ask your prospective selection with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my monthly rent payments go towards the purchase price?

Not all of the monthly payments go towards the purchase price. The option fee can be allocated to the closing costs, and any compensation received over monthly rent will also be added to the purchase price.

  1. Does the down payment go towards the purchase price?

Yes, the down payment does go towards the purchase price. It helps assure the sellers that you are actually interested in the house. For more reassurance, you can check the contract for these details before signing.

  1. How to find a team of housing experts near me?

You can start by searching them online through targeted research. Search up keywords such as “best rent to own companies near me” on Google. Go through their websites for more details. Contact them to double-check their credentials and services. Ask around for more leads and narrow down based on whoever matches your criteria.

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