How To Hang Window Boxes on Home Exteriors

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Window boxes are a simple and effective way to beautify the exterior of your home. Most of the boxes that you will find today are made of PVC, making them much easier to attach to your home’s exterior. Still, there are preferred methods of attachment for different home exteriors such as brick, vinyl siding, and stucco. Here’s a closer look at how window planter boxes should be attached on various exteriors.

Aluminum and Vinyl Siding

We’ll begin with two of the most popular types of exteriors on modern homes. Aluminum and vinyl siding changed the way home exteriors are built. These types of siding are durable, economical and easy to maintain. They are not, however, designed to support the weight of flower window boxes or other heavy adornments to your home.

There is some misinformation out there when it comes to hanging window boxes on aluminum or vinyl siding. Hooks and brackets are not the safest way to hang your boxes. These types of attachments cannot support a heavy window box when it has been filled with soil, plants and water. You should always strive for safety above anything else.

Use a stud finder to locate the studs beneath the siding. You should then drill a hole for a wall anchor. Fill the hole with caulk, and then tap the wall anchor into place. You can then attach the window box directly to the anchor with screws.


If you want to enhance the beauty of your home, consider adding window boxes to your brick exterior. Choosing a window box that matches your home’s style, hues, and design is vital to ensure the best look. Focus on a window box that complements the brickwork, windows and Canadian exterior doors, seamlessly integrating into your home’s facade. 

Opt for a colour palette that either matches or subtly contrasts with your exterior. Slightly darker hues can add depth and sophistication, enriching the visual appeal without overpowering the innate charm of your brick home. Thoughtful design choices will enhance your home’s curb appeal and reflect your keen eye for style.

Brick is a very common exterior on modern homes and also many homes that were constructed during the 70s. The great thing about brick is you can securely attach things to it. Once again, avoid the use of brackets or other methods and try to attach directly to the wall.

If your window box does not have two mounting holes on either end, create them with your drill. Next, mark the center of the window. Drop down the appropriate distance and mark a spot for each mounting hole on the brick.

You will need a hammer drill and a masonry drill bit to drill the holes in the brick. Drill bits with a carbide tip work best. Once you have drilled the holes, tap a wall anchor into each one. You can then use a lag screw to mount the window box to the holes.


Stucco is a beautiful home exterior that blends concrete and sand to create lovely patterns. That beautiful exterior can be damaged, however, if you do not use the proper procedures for attaching window boxes.

Behind the stucco exterior there are backing materials like tar paper and plywood. You are going to have to make sure you attach your anchors and screws into the studs found beneath the backing materials. If you try to simply place a stud into the stucco itself, damage will likely occur. Even worse, the window box could fall and cause injury to someone.

Use your stud finder to locate the studs behind the stucco. You’ll then use a masonry bit to get through the stucco. Once you hit the backing materials, a wood bit may be required. Make sure to drill your hole a little deeper than necessary. Finally, insert and tap in the anchor. Your last step will be to screw the window box directly to the anchor.

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Hardie Board

A Hardie board or Hardie plank is a type of lap board that is used for home siding. The board itself is tough and reinforced with cement fibers. This makes it difficult to drill unless you use the right materials.

Attaching heavy window boxes to Hardie board is all about the studs. Lightweight items won’t present much of a problem. Heavier items will not be safe unless studs and anchors are used.

The important thing is to locate a stud on either side of the window box. Using one screw in the middle won’t be enough to support the weight of the box. You want to place screws on either end of the window box, equidistant from the center. Drill your holes, tap the anchors into place, and then screw your window box to the wall.

It pays to be safe when installing your flower window boxes. Hanging them properly requires a little more planning, time and effort. It will be worth it when your window boxes are secure season after season.

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