How to Organize Household Items When Moving In Together

Unpacking Moving Boxes

Moving into a new space together with your significant other, trusted friend, or family member is an exciting step. But it’s another story when all your boxes containing your items are scattered around when you enter the house.

Some items need to be kept, while some are thrown away. Our storage units in Hull can help keep some of the things you may not need to help you utilize space.

Read more to learn about organizing household items in your shared space.

Save Space in Your New House

There’s a lot of clearing work to do on the move-in day. Make room for your belongings with these handy tips:

1. Be on the same page.

You have one partner or more to work with when you’re aiming for a clutter-free space. Plan how to arrange every item in your space and divide the tasks accordingly. The task of organizing items finishes faster when all of you are on the same track.

2. Take care of the everyday items first.

Items you use every day need to be arranged first. Put these items in an area where you can easily find them. Arrange fragile items first to avoid accidentally breaking them as you take things out individually. Kitchen items like coffee mugs and plates belong to the kitchen. Bathroom essentials are meant for bathrooms.

3. Sort out duplicate items.

You and the person you’ll be living with might have a few similar items you’re bringing to your new apartment. These include sofas, dining tables, dining chairs, and more.

Create a list of the things you have in common with your housemate. Decide which one to keep by determining the item’s quality and how comfortable it makes either of you feel.

Now, this is where compromise comes in. The sofa might be old, but it makes you comfy. The washing machine might be new, but it malfunctions when you use it. Talk about which ones to keep, give to others, or throw away.

4. Determine where to store or how to dispose of items.

Now that you’ve determined the items you want to keep or throw away, it’s time to think about how to do these things.

You can have a:

  • Garage sale. These sales typically take place for a few days. Before holding this event, you must collect all the items you want to sell. Put a price on each item and promote the event on your social media accounts. The money you’ll make in the garage sale can help with the expenses for decorating the house.
  • Donation drive. Donate all your unwanted clothes and other items to charity. Contact a foundation where you can give the items to. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just choose which ones would benefit the recipients of your donations.
  • Recycling session. Find anything you can recycle among the items you’re planning to get rid of. In one way or another, there are still some things worthy of giving a second chance at usefulness.

Unwanted items and those with heavy damage should be thrown away without a second thought. These could only take up space inside your house.

Moving In Together

5. Store items you occasionally use.

As you sort your boxes and take items out one at a time, you’ll find things you use for one season but not a whole year. A great example of these is Christmas decorations.

Use a durable cardboard box to keep items you don’t usually use. Put them in a safe area to avoid any breakage. If your new home has a storage room, put the boxes in this room for safekeeping. Combining stuff of the same kind in a box also allows you to locate items easily.

6. Decide on what to do with personal items.

You and your housemate have items you use in your work or everyday life. These include laptops, headphones, identification documents, and jewelry, among other things.

Decide on your own how you’re going to handle these items. Purchase separate safety vaults for documents and jewelry. Put your laptops and other electronics in a durable and high-quality bag. Make sure that both of you have individual spaces for your personal items.

Final Thoughts

Organizing every household item when you move in together with another person is a whole lot of work. You’ll get the best of it when you both plan what to do, divide your tasks, and think of ways to sort your things.

If you need to store your items temporarily, Store More is the right place for you! Our storage units have different purposes based on what you need, including personal, business, student, and container storage. You can choose a room size, and we’re open on all days of the week to assist you with the move-in. Send us a message today!

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