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The Kevin Hart House is a spectacular getaway right in Santa Barbara. It’s a tiny house near the beach. The view is very romantic and you can have a romantic meal or spend time alone, reading a book or just watching the waves roll in. It’s truly a place that will allow you to enjoy your privacy without having the normal hassles that come with being in a crowded area. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to go to a private retreat, far from the hustle and bustle of the broad daylight.

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Kevin Hart's Tiny House For Rent: See Inside |

Holiday home Kevin Hart's "Tiny House with Big P, Elizabethtown, USA -

Vacation Home Kevin Hart's "Tiny House with Big P, Elizabethtown, PA -

Kevin Hart's Tiny House For Rent: See Inside |

– All inclusive package. This is a great option for those who are afraid they may be spending too much money on the things they need to do there, but it also saves them money. It is also well worth it to take advantage of the many activities that the house has to offer. There are several golf courses located near the house and the beach, as well as tennis courts, hiking trails and other recreational possibilities.

Rent the Tiny House Kevin Hart Designed in NYC | Apartment Therapy

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Rent the Tiny House Kevin Hart Designed in NYC | Apartment Therapy

– View house. A lot of people who stay at the Kevin Hart tiny House come here just to watch the show and to see the view. Of course, they’re going to come for a variety of other reasons, too. That’s one of the great benefits of staying in a home away from home – being able to be as involved as you like.

– Helicopter tour. The helicopter tour is fun. You can view the entire coastline from above. A couple of times a year, you also get to ride in a small airplane and have a tour of the Santa Barbara airport as you fly over the area. These tours are usually offered by the owners of the house.

Rent the Tiny House Kevin Hart Designed in NYC | Apartment Therapy

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– Kayaking in the ocean. The house overlooks the Pacific Ocean so kayaking is an option when you’re up on the house. This is a wonderful activity that you and your friends can spend an entire afternoon together taking in the views and enjoying the cool ocean water.

– Beach day. Many visitors stay at the Kevin Hart House to enjoy a day on the beach. Some of them go in the morning, others in the afternoon. You can spend a couple of hours relaxing on the beach and seeing the sights of the local area.

– Enjoy the night. You can enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants in the area. Or you can simply head out to the beach for an after-dinner stroll. No matter what time of day or night you choose, you’ll find lots to do at the house on the beach.

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– See the sights. The house itself is only one of many attractions in the area. There are tons of great things to see in the area – museums, parks, beaches, historic buildings, and more. You can extend your trip to include a visit to some of these sites, too.

Holiday home Kevin Hart's "Tiny House with Big P, Elizabethtown, USA -

– Bike around the beach. The Kevin Hart House has a bike path that allows you to cycle around the beach. It’s free and easy to use. You can also explore some of the other attractions in the area. Try stopping by the lighthouse for a wonderful afternoon photo.

– See the view. Of course, the house is only one stop along the way to see other attractions in the area. But it’s a great start, and it gives you a chance to see the sights from the air. If you haven’t been here before, you might get a new perspective on what is going on.

– Kayak out to the waters. Water sports are a popular activity during the summer months. You can kayak out to the waters, or you can take a boat tour of the coast. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while staying close to home. You can even enjoy some live music in the garden area if you wish.

– See if there is a local attraction in the area. There are probably quite a few to choose from. If not, you can always drive out to the closest one. Or try something new. The house itself is a great place to visit, but it won’t be complete unless you make some visits to the other attractions. You never know, you might end up finding your new favorite attraction.

Update: We just did a feature about Kevin Hart’s House in Calabasas, California. He just bought the house next door as well! You can go check them out now.

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