Six Ways That You Can Bring More Light Into Your New Home

Living Room With Lots Of Natural Light

When you buy a new property, you will always have a long list of the changes that you cannot wait to make. Of course, there will be a lot that you already love about your new home (otherwise you would not have bought it!) but there will be those alterations, both big and small, that you will have a list of. Given how chaotic the property market has been over the last couple of years, there is a good chance that you may have made a lot of concessions on the assumption that you would change things once you got settled.

One of the toughest issues to deal with can be a lack of light. Even if you have seen the property at as many different times of day as you could, a home can still surprise with how dark some of it gets. Light is also not always a deal-breaker when you are thinking about buying a place, but it can start to be a problem once you spend your first winter there. If you are wondering how you can bring more light into your home, read on for some fixes both big and small.

Think About Your Colour Scheme

Let’s start with one of the easiest changes, shall we? A lot of people like having darker colours in their homes, and deep, dark blues, greens and reds can add a lot of personality and sometimes warmth. But what they will not do is make a space feel lighter and brighter. If you are not married to the current colour scheme, think about lighter colours. Light doesn’t have to mean cold, either!

Switch Your Curtains

Heavy, dark curtains are great for keeping warmth in, but if you are feeling like some rooms in your home barely get enough sunshine as it is, then you could think about switching them up. You could look at some lighter fabrics, and material blinds or you could even think about wooden slotted blinds to bring a Mediterranean feel to your home!

Install More Windows

Of course, if you really want to bring more light into your home and make it feel more spacious, then one of the best options available is to install some new windows. For example, the attic room can be so useful as either a spare bedroom or an office space but may require a conversion to make it useable. But if you are going to turn it into a space where anyone is spending any length of time, you are going to need light. Roof windows can make a world of difference to your home, and can be double or triple-glazed to ensure that you keep the heat in. To learn more about roof windows and other light solutions, Roof Window Outlet is the UK’s premier roof window supplier. They offer nationwide delivery and a money-back guarantee to ensure that you are happy.

Living Room With A White Window

Think About A Sun Tunnel

A lot of homes have those areas where it seems that there is simply no way to bring natural light in. Those corridors and hallways that feel gloomy no matter what you do. However, there is a solution that is easier than you might think. If you have never heard of a sun tunnel before, it is a reflective pipe that takes sunlight from your roof or exterior walls and funnels it inside through a diffuser. This way, you can keep those spaces light without needing to rely on harsh electric overhead lighting.

LED Lamps And SAD Lamps

One of the most important reasons why you should have plenty of light in your home is that it can have a massive impact on your mood. If you have noticed that you are feeling a bit low or lacking in energy during the dark winter months, then you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a very common issue, and the good news is that there are options available to help you. SAD lamps use LED lighting to replicate the effect that the sunshine has. You can also use them as alarm clocks to mimic the rising sun in the morning.

Add More Mirrors And Clean Your Windows

Finally, a couple of easy simple solutions. Adding a mirror or two, or even some more reflective surfaces, can make sure that light is bouncing around your living spaces with minimal effort. And if it has been a while since your windows have had a clean, you should make this a priority. So much dirt and muck can be deposited on your windows during heavy rain or windstorms (and there have been plenty of those recently). Even if it’s not that visible, it will have an impact on how much light is making it through. Make sure that you are cleaning your windows regularly.

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