The Stone House Portugal – Casa do Penedo

Stone House In Portugal

Portugal, a country known for its rich culture and stunning landscapes, hides a unique architectural gem within its mountainous folds – the Casa do Penedo, or the Stone House. The perfect epitome of harmonious blending between architecture and nature, this extraordinary dwelling seems to emerge from the very boulders on which it stands, located between Celorico de Basto and Fafe in northern Portugal. Its distinctive design captivates onlookers, often leaving them in awe of its raw beauty and unusual yet intriguing aesthetics.

Construction of Casa do Penedo began in 1972 and was completed in 1974. The realization of this remarkable abode did not follow the traditional path of hiring a well-known architect to craft the blueprint. Instead, it was the brainchild of a family with an extraordinary vision who sought a secluded and tranquil holiday retreat. The mastermind behind this unique design remains unknown, as the family who commissioned the house chose to keep the details confidential.

Architecturally, Casa do Penedo evokes a rustic, prehistoric appeal, resonating deeply with the Primitive or Vernacular style. It effortlessly integrates four large granite boulders into its construction – serving as the foundation, walls, and even the ceiling of the house. Despite the rough-hewn exterior, Casa do Penedo is a cozy dwelling, spanning approximately 60 square meters. The house stands at a modest height that echoes the scale of the surrounding boulders, maintaining a humble stature in harmony with its environment.

Stone House Portugal (Casa do Penedo)

The peculiarity of Casa do Penedo extends to the interior, which carries the rugged beauty of the outdoors within its walls. Furniture carved from logs and stone, a wooden staircase, and a fireplace that provides warmth during chilly mountain nights are some of the characteristic features that set this house apart. The lack of electricity adds to the allure of this dwelling, offering an escape from the hubbub of modern life.

Originally intended as a family vacation home, the house has evolved over the decades into a cultural attraction, mainly due to its unique design and idyllic location. Today, the Stone House serves as a small museum dedicated to its own history and the cultural significance of the area.

Stone House Portugal

The address of Casa do Penedo is Rua da Pedra, Santa Cristina de Fafe, Portugal. The exact coordinates are 41.488715, -8.068662. The museum does not have a dedicated phone number or official website, as its operation remains under the jurisdiction of local authorities. The opening hours are variable, and visitors are advised to check with local tourist information centers for the most accurate details.

While there isn’t concrete data regarding the total cost of the building, the investment was less about monetary value and more about the realization of a dream – creating a structure that paid homage to the surrounding nature while providing a peaceful sanctuary for the family.

Casa do Penedo is not merely a structure sculpted from stone; it is an architectural wonder that defies convention and redefines the relationship between built environment and nature. Its unique design, rooted in organic forms and materials, remains a testament to human creativity and the infinite possibilities within architecture when unconstrained by traditional norms.

Further Information About The Stone House In Portugal (Casa do Penedo)

Date Construction started: 1972

Date Opened: 1974

Architectural Style: rustic 

Height: 2,600 feet

Function or purpose: Vacation House + Museum 

Address: Rua Rally de Portugal n.º1610, 4800-000 Fafe, Portugal

Phone Number: +351 911 956 631

Opening Hours:

Monday 11 am–5 pm
Tuesday 3–5 pm
Wednesday 11 am–5 pm
Thursday 11 am–5 pm
Friday 11 am–5 pm
Saturday 11:30 am–7 pm
Sunday 2–7 pm

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