Tips for Freshening Up Your Basement in the Coming Weeks

basement renovation
Canadian House recently renovated furnished and staged with living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, finished basement, garage, deck, back yard and exterior

If the impending arrival of Christmas and the New Year has you scrambling to find room for guests to stay, you plan to set up a home business in 2023, or you need more room for your family to spread out (especially teens), you may be realizing that you need to make better use of your basement.

Here are some ways to freshen up this space over the coming weeks to best utilize this handy part of your property:

Plan Out the Project

Start by working out what you want to get out of renovating the lower part of your property. For example, you may want to set it up as additional bedroom space or create an extra living room or play area for your kids. Perhaps you need it for home office space, for storage, as a gaming zone, or for a mixture of things, such as sleep quarters for guests and a handy gym or meditation area. Regardless of your goals, if you’re clear about what you want to achieve from the outset, this will make the renovation time go more smoothly.

It is never too late to invest in good-quality Australian-made chairs for occasions. Having a lot of chairs available is crucial because during the holidays, more people will come over to visit. It is a good thing that you will be using them in your basement room to save you the trouble of bringing them up. If they are not in use, you could simply store them in the basement.

With the outcomes you’re looking for top of mind, you can also plan out the entire project more comprehensively. It’s vital to schedule tasks and come up with an order in which jobs need to be done, so you know what to factor in and when, especially if you need external aid, such as from contractors like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. Plan out the project step by step to clearly see what you need to order in and when, and can line up the appropriate tradespeople in the proper order.

Declutter to Make More Room

You probably have a basement that’s currently overflowing due to being used as a general storage area for all of your and your family’s “stuff” over the years. If so, you’ll need to declutter to turn this basement into an often-used area you want to be in. This task is vital since you need to make room for new uses of the space and declutter to determine precisely what work needs doing in the space.

Look for items currently taking up room in your basement that you can store in other parts of your home or sell, donate to charities, recycle, or bin, as need be. Getting rid of a lot of junk from your basement will make the space feel bigger and enable you to set it up appropriately for the function(s) you have designated for it, too.

Sort Out Any Issues in the Space

If you haven’t spent much time in your basement in recent months or years, you may not know what condition it has truly sunk into. As such, to freshen up this space, work out what issues need addressing and sort them out ASAP. For example, you may find many areas that require repairs and maintenance work.

Basements often don’t have good ventilation and may have leaky windows, ceilings, or other spots. One of the first things you may want to do is to pull up and dispose of old, smelly carpets or linoleum and the like and to get rid of problems like mold, mildew, plumbing leaks, damp spaces, smells, bacteria, and more.

Often, it’s well worth investing in installing air conditioning or heating units if you live somewhere that gets very hot or cold. Heating and cooling can help to dry damp basements out and keep the need for external assistance to a minimum. Plus, it pays to install a chandelier ceiling fan or other product that will help to move hot air around. As a result, you won’t need to utilize air-conditioning so much and can cut emissions and power costs.

Other common basement issues include pest infestations, such as those arising from too many mice, rats, termites, or snakes, and replacing windows that let in too much hot or cold air.

Finish Off the Area

Finally, it’s time to finish off the below-ground area. For example, you may want to make it more comfortable by adding soundproofing or laying new flooring. You might also want to add lots of personal touches to the space to identify it as your own.

You can paint the walls and ceilings and then furnish the basement with vases, throw pillows, artwork, and more that cater to your specific tastes and the style of the building, if relevant. 

Don’t rush the process; keep asking yourself how you want to use your basement and what will make you feel comfortable rather than thinking about what other people may expect to see there. 

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